25 Winter and Christmas Crafts for Kids | Week 3
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25 Winter and Christmas Crafts for Kids | Week 3

Welcome to week 3 of 25 Winter  and Christmas Crafts for Kids!  All month long I am sharing 7 crafts each week with pictures, supply lists and directions that you can create with your little one.   If you are just joining this mini-series please check out 25 Winter  and Christmas Crafts for Kids Week 1, and Week 2 for the first 14 crafts and some “crafting with your toddler” tips! Below are crafts number 15- 21 in the series!!

25 Winter and Christmas Crafts for Kids Week 3 #Toddlers #Preschoolers #Homeschool

25 Winter and Christmas Crafts for Kids Week 3

25 Winter and Christmas Crafts for Kids Cotton Ball Snowman #Toddlers #Preschoolers #Homeschool

Cotton ball Snowman


White, orange, brown, black and blue Construction Paper or felt
Cotton balls

Trace 3 circles on white paper to create snowman’s body. Glue to blue paper. Have child glue cotton balls to cover each circle. Add precut scarf, eyes, nose and mouth. You can use sticks or the brown construction paper as arms.

25 Winter and Christmas Crafts for Kids Christmas Wreath Windo Decal #Toddlers #Preschoolers #Homeschool

Christmas Wreath Window Decal


Contact paper
Green tissue paper squares or stripes
Two sided tape
Red Bow

Trace a large dinner plate and then a small plate within the larger onto the contact paper. Cut out Smaller circle. Pull protective sheet off contact paper and place tape on the non-sticky side. Stick the tape to your window and have tot add tissue paper to the sticky contact paper. Make several to add color and décor to your winter window. Also you could create any holiday symbol: snowflakes, candy canes, reindeer…

25 Winter and Christmas Crafts for Kids Christmas DIY Snowflake Matching Game #Toddlers #Preschoolers #Homeschool

Winter Matching Game


Winter item pictures
Construction paper or thin cardboard

Search images online for 6-8 different images of winter items and print 2 of each. Such as mittens, snowflake, scarf, boots, sled, ice skate, hat, snowman. .  I found snowflake images as a matching game already ready to go on prekinders.com. FAB SITE!! Glue both sets onto 2 different pieces of construction paper. For a stiffer board use an old shirt box or the thick board at the back of your construction paper pad. (That’s what I used and it is much sturdier than cardstock.) Cut out the other set so they look like playing cards. Encourage child to find the match and place the playing card on the correct image.

25 Winter and Christmas Crafts for Kids Christmas Santa Craft for Kids #Toddlers #Preschoolers #Homeschool



Cotton balls
White paper
Tan, pink, red and black construction paper or felt

Create Santa’s face, hat, and beard using the construction paper. Glue together and have ready for your child to add cotton balls onto hat. Cut beard and show child how to curl the bottoms up so the beard has some sassy curls! I used tissue paper as his beard and I think it came out extra cute.

25 Winter and Christmas Crafts for Kids Christmas Ice Balls #Toddlers #Preschoolers #Homeschool

Ice Balls


Ice cube trays
Food coloring- red and green

Fill tray with water and add a drop of food coloring to each slot. Freeze overnight. Pop out ice cubes and encourage exploration with the freezing cubes. Sweet Pea liked watching them float in different sized bowls filled with water. You could add extract for different scents or add little trinkets to each cube for older children. (Supervised activity) For an even larger ball fill balloon with water and freeze for a few nights. I’ve done this and added several trinkets into one large balloon. It’s so much fun and a great practice of patience to get to the prizes!

  25 Winter and Christmas Crafts for Kids DIY Snow #Toddlers #Preschoolers #Homeschool



3 cups baking soda
½ cup hair conditioner

Mix ingredients and watch it turn into snow. You can use a shower curtain to cover your workspace but it is easy to clean up. Thanks to my dear friend for finding and trying this craft out with her little guy. It was a huge hit with him so of course I had to give it a try and share it with our readers! SO EASY, SO FUN! I couldn’t help but play too!

25 Winter and Christmas Crafts for Kids Week 3 #Toddlers #Preschoolers #Homeschool

Packing Popcorn Igloo


Packing Popcorn*
white construction paper

Cut out an igloo on the white construction paper (or I looked on the internet for an igloo and printed that for a cleaner look) then glue to blue construction paper. Add several glue lines onto the igloo. Encourage your tot to add popcorn onto each line.  *You could also use shredded white paper or marshmallows.


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25 Winter and Christmas Crafts for Kids Week 3 #Toddlers #Preschoolers #Homeschool

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    All of these ideas are amazing! I want to do them all!

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