25 Winter and Christmas Crafts for Kids | Week 4
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25 Winter and Christmas Crafts for Kids | Week 4

Welcome to the last instillation of 25 Winter and Christmas Crafts for Kids. I hope you have enjoyed the first 21 ideas and find further inspiration for the last 4. I promise these last few are loads of fun and unique. I even created a rhyme just for the Crazy About My Baybah readers. So get out your glue sticks and lets craft holiday style!

25 Winter and Christmas Crafts for Kids Week 3 #Toddlers #Preschoolers #Homeschool  

25 Winter and Christmas Crafts for Kids Week 4

25 Winter and Christmas Crafts for Kids Gingerbread Garland #Toddlers #Preschoolers #Homeschool

Gingerbread Garland


Twine or ribbon
Brown construction paper, cardstock or foam
Hole punch

Cut out desired amount of gingerbread men. (I made 6) Allow child to color each man. Punch holes on men and string twine or ribbon through to hang somewhere special. Sweet Pea decided she didn’t want to color them but to add pom poms and bells. She actually found this craft ready to go in my closet along with extra supplies and pulled it out telling Daddy, “special project” so there you go… Whatever her crafty little heart wants- WE will do! She and Daddy put this craft together so it is extra special to me.

25 Winter and Christmas Crafts for Kids Handprint Reindeer Craft #Toddlers #Preschoolers #Homeschool

Handprint Reindeer


Brown construction paper
Googly eyes
Red Pom pom
Background construction paper

Trace child’s hands and foot. Arrange on paper to create reindeer. Add eyes and pom pom for extra touch.

25 Winter and Christmas Crafts for Kids Poinsettia Centerpiece Craft #Toddlers #Preschoolers #Homeschool

Poinsettia Centerpiece


Coffee filters
Green and red markers
3-4 green pipe cleaners
Hole punch
Medicine dropper

Follow directions closely to my other craft: Coffee Filter Snowflake.

Guide tot to draw all over 6-8 open coffee filters making heavy red dots with the ink. (I had to help make some darker areas since her scribbles are so light.) Then allow child to use the water dropper to drop water on each of the marker spots. Allow to dry. Fold and cut into flower blossoms. Repeat directions with green marker using 2-3 filters. After dry cut the green filters in the shape of leaves. Stack 2 red filters together and fold in half. Using the hole punch, punch once and unfold. You should now have 2 holes. Thread green pipe cleaner through and twist in the back to create a stem for your blossom. Thread leaves through as desired for extra color and contrast. You may choose to add glitter as well. These are perfect centerpieces for the kiddy table at your holiday dinner. Repurpose and redecorate a puff container then add a bow! For the adult table use your favorite holiday vase. ENJOY!

25 Winter and Christmas Crafts for Kids Felt Board Snowflake Rhyme #Toddlers #Preschoolers #Homeschool

Felt Board Snowflake Rhyme


White, yellow, brown, and pink felt
Googly eyes
Tacky glue
Copy of Snowflake rhyme

Create 5 white snowflakes and add eyes. Create: door, 2 tea cups, bee hive, and sun. Be as detailed or not as your craftiness allows. Don’t have a felt board?! No problem! Buy an extra sheet of felt and tell the rhyme using it as your backdrop. Construction paper works too! Whatever the material just have fun. Now I used to know a rhyme about snowflakes but couldn’t for the life of me find or remember that particular one so I’ve created my own rhyme. (rhyme is for personal use only.  Copyright CrazyAboutMyBaybah.com)

25 Winter and Christmas Crafts for Kids Felt Board Felt Board Craft #Toddlers #Preschoolers #Homeschool

One sweet snowflake looking for something to do.

Along came a friend and

Then there were two.

25 Winter and Christmas Crafts for Kids Felt Board Felt Board Craft #Toddlers #Preschoolers #Homeschool

Two sweet snowflakes sipping some tea.

Along came a friend and

Then there were three.

25 Winter and Christmas Crafts for Kids Felt Board Felt Board Craft #Toddlers #Preschoolers #Homeschool

Three sweet snowflakes knocking on the door.

Along came a friend and

Then there were four.

25 Winter and Christmas Crafts for Kids Felt Board Felt Board Craft #Toddlers #Preschoolers #Homeschool

Four sweet snowflakes hiding in the hive.

Along came a friend and

Then there were five.

25 Winter and Christmas Crafts for Kids Felt Board Felt Board Craft #Toddlers #Preschoolers #Homeschool

Five sweet snowflakes having such fun.

Along came the SUN and

Then there were NONE!

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  1. Cute ideas! I’ll keep these in mind when the kids are tracked out for the holidays and wanting something fun to do. :)

  2. I’m loving that gingerbread garland!!

  3. Ok, that whole felt board thing is TOTALLY the kind of thing I did for my kids!!!! LOVE it!

  4. I like the Gingerbread Garland and the Poinsettia Center Piece. Both are great for accenting Christmas décor around the home!

  5. What a great list… I’ve made a few of them with my son before. :)

  6. Such cute crafts! My son would enjoy these.

  7. I love so many of these. I just actually made Fruit Loop wreaths with my boys. I think they had more fun picking out the green ones than making the actual wreath, though LOL.

  8. We have been working hard to keep up with all the cute crafts out there but I think it is impossible to get them all. I love these so simple and so cute.

  9. OMG These crafts are lovely. I especially like the snowflakes and gingerbread garland!

  10. Not only would these be fun activities to do at home, these are great ideas for teachers of elementary school kids. Wouldn’t so many of these crafts look adorable hung on an in-classroom bulletin board?! :)

  11. I love the hand reindeer I had to do a double take before I realised just what it was x

  12. Oh those are such cute crafts! I love the gingerbread men all hanging together! So cute!

  13. The deer hands and gingerbread cookies would light up my little girls faces.

  14. I love these crafts. They are totally adorable. I particularly like the snowflakes. Of course, I’m a huge fan of snowflakes from when I was a kid and would spend hours catching them and noticing all the differences on them. Thank you for these ideas.

  15. They look like great crafts! I really want to start doing crafts with my girls and these look so simple! Thanks!

  16. We used to make those footprint reindeer in my elementary school classroom. They are the cutest little keepsakes.

  17. teresa mccluskey says:

    I love getting crafty with my little ones! We are def going to do the reindeer one and the snowman!

  18. it’s amazing how simple but festive these crafts were. Thanks for sharing them with us. Got some very cool ideas

  19. The gingerbread men garland, ahhh! It’s too stinkin’ cute :D

  20. These crafts are awesome. I love doing arts and crafts with my sons and with students. I will definitely be trying some of these at home and in my classroom.

  21. The Gingerbread Garland is my favorite. It’s such a cute and simple way to make our home more fun and festive!

  22. I have enjoyed your posts all month about holiday crafts! We’ve tried a few and the kids love them! I think we’ll do the reindeer! so cute, made of hands and feet! love it!

  23. craft supplies can get expensive in India (and elsewhere too), but I think we have the stuff for the reindeer!

  24. We will do a couple of these during Christmas Break. It can keep the kids busy :)

  25. These are so cute! I may do that reindeer one with Shane this weekend. Thanks for the ideas!

  26. That gingerbread garland is so cute! And my son would love the snowflakes. If there’s a song involved, he loves it!

  27. Our entire house has fun holiday crafts on display which my kids have created. I can’t wait to cherish them for years to come!

  28. Awww love the craft ideas…they will come in handy to keep the kids busy the next two weeks at home now..thanks for sharing

  29. The poem and felt board are SUPER cute!

  30. I love all these ideas! I just ordered a bunch of art supplies for the new year too :)

  31. I love tall of the ideas. I think my favorite is the coffee filter craft. So affordable for the family while the kids are on vacation from school.

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  33. These are some really cute ideas and that gingerbread garland is super cute.

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  43. My daughter’s kindergarten class sis a ton of reindeer crafts!

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