4 States | Wordless Wednesday

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image 1024x1024 4 States | Wordless Wednesday
Drove through 4 different states in two days. I am tired!

image2 1024x768 4 States | Wordless Wednesday
How is B doing through all of this? He is going stir crazy! lol

 4 States | Wordless Wednesday
Lolo is the owner and writer for Crazy About My Baybah. She is a mom that is crazy about her family, art, photography, getting fit, Disney, and living in Las Vegas.


  1. I applaud your patience! Even a five hour drive to California leaves me exasperated.

  2. Been there done that, three times in the past 2 months! We did 6 states each time though! I was looking a little like Baybah when we were done. No more long distance driving around here for a long time now!

  3. Oh man you are brave and hardcore lol

  4. He looks like he is having a great time!

  5. Makes me tired just thinking about it!

  6. I’d be going stir-crazy too!

  7. Yep, I’d probably lose it like him too!

  8. Too bad we can’t get a stamp (like in a passport) each time we go to a different state. That would make it so much more fun.

  9. Too bad we can’t get a stamp (like in a passport) each time we go to a different state. That would make it so much more fun.

  10. Good job on getting pics of the signs– I always miss them!

  11. I haven’t been to those states for AGES. I wouldn’t mind visiting Oklahoma or Texas again.

  12. I don’t remember my son ever having that much fun on long road trips.

  13. Totally awesome getting those state signs!

  14. What a fun game to play!

  15. Oh boy do I hear you. After taking our camping trip this summer, I have gotten a lot more used to lots and lots of driving.

  16. He looks like he’s having fun!

  17. Wow. Four states in two days? My husband hates road trips, but I love them!

  18. Oh man! That’s crazy! I can just barely handle the 5 hour drive to San Diego.

  19. We did that last year….Not again any time soon!

  20. I love long drives, but I know how hard it is with 4 kids we took a trip from Utah through Wyoming to South & North Dakota, we were able to visit M Rushmore, awesome trip, camping all the way.

  21. We always had to leave in the evening and drive all night so our kids would sleep LOL

  22. Ugh — I hate road trips – we try to leave at night to at least the kids are asleep and quiet during it!

  23. I don’t even like the 40 minute drive to my parents house, never mind hours.

  24. oh my gosh I would luv to do that how fun. Lol on the pic of your little guy he’s too cute

  25. I hate driving longer than an hour – hats of to you!

  26. We are about to embark on our first ever family of 6 road trip. Starting in Oregon and going to Arizona, and home through Utah. It should be interesting as we are not allowing the children to bring any media. License plate BINGO and songs, here we come!

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