5 Tips To Start Eating Healthy
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5 Tips To Start Eating Healthy #Sweetswaps

This post is part of the SPLENDA® 365 SWEET SWAPS ™ blogger program by McNeil Nutritionals, LLC. and The Motherhood, who sent me products and compensated me for my time. Opinions, experiences shared here are my own, and I hope you enjoy them.

Now that the baby is here, I am back on my journey to get fit and eat right.  I am taking baby steps to help get me back on track because I want my changes to last a lifetime.  Here are my 5 simple tips for eating healthy to get you started in the right direction!

5 Tips to Start Eating Healthy

flavored water with splenda

Drink Water

One of the things I am really focusing on is drinking more water, but sometimes I want a different flavor.  Instead of drinking a sugar filled drink, I learned about this fun tip from SPLENDA® that has really helped me increase my daily water intake. Turn a glass of plain water into a refreshing sweet lemon drink by trimming a glass with SPLENDA® Sugar Blend and lemon.

grapefruit and splenda

Eat Breakfast

Another thing that I am really working on is making sure that I eat breakfast each morning.  I know it is the most important meal of the day, but since the baby has been born there are days that I have honestly forgotten to eat something until lunch time, or am just too busy to eat.  Cutting a pink grapefruit in half and sprinkling it with some SPLENDA® has been a great option for me.  It is not only quick and easy, but the sour sweetness is such a yummy and healthy way to start the morning.

Sweet and Spicy Trail Mix

Snack Wiser

If you are like me, you still want to eat things that are crunchy, salty and sweet but want to reach for a better option.  Think of ways you can still have your favorite snacks without all of the calories.  This Sweet and Spicy snack mix really does the trick for me.  It is the perfect combination of flavors without the extra calories.  Find the recipe HERE.

simple baking swaps

Swap Out Ingredients for Lighter Options

Another thing I have been trying to do is swap out ingredients for lighter options.  The graphic above is a great place to start! Instead of using oil in your recipe, swap it out with applesauce.  Or instead of using butter use a mashed banana!  These are simple ways to save calories.

Strawberry Mango Soy Smoothie

Drink Smoothies

When I feel like I want a late night snack I make a smoothie.  This is a much better option than what might be hiding in my freezer or pantry.  Plus, it is an easy way to get in a serving of  fruit and even vegetables!  I really want to try this Strawberry Mango Soy Smoothie!

These tips are a great way to help getting you started in the right direction.

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Lauren is the owner and writer for Crazy About My Baybah. She is a mom that is crazy about her family, art, photography, getting fit, Disney, and living in Las Vegas.

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  1. I use applesauce in place of oil a heck of a lot. It always turns out just fine too. I should probably do a little more with the sugar substitutes as well.

  2. I need to drink more water and I could snack better too. I have my crutches I am still trying to give up.

  3. Also make sure you get enough sleep. You burn tons more calories if you get a good nights sleep.

  4. I REALLY have to push myself to eat Breakfast everyday. I usually skip it and grab a granola bar but I know I should be making healthier decisions. Water is another issue I have. I hate how plain it is!

  5. Smoothies are my go-to breakfasts in the mornings! I love that they are easy to make and customize, and that they are so nutritious!

  6. I have heard of the applesauce but not the banana. Great information. Thank you!

  7. Very good tips. I would warn that smoothies can be high in sugar and calories especially if you aren’t making your own.

  8. These are great tips and that smoothie looks delicious! I know when I eat breakfast, I eat better.

  9. I drink lots of water. I usually add a drop or two of Young Living Essential Oil to my water to give it a little extra pizazz! I like adding grapefruit, orange, lemon, or peppermint!

  10. These are some great tips for starting to eat healthy. The hardest one for me is drinking enough water.

  11. These are great tips! I’ve been working on incorporating them!

  12. That smoothie looks good! I was REALLY good about my water before the end of my pregnancy and then switched to Pepsi. UGH! I just kicked that habit over the weekend. Now to get back to my water.

  13. Eating breakfast daily is key – it gets your blood sugar evened out to start the day off strong. I love smoothies as a breakfast option. I like to use unsweetened almond milk with some fruit and it is delish!

  14. These are great tips for healthier eating. Drinking water and eating breakfast are really important.

  15. I def need to increase my water intake. and as for the food swaps i agree except for splenda. not sure chlorine is a good substitute for God made sugar. eaten in moderation sugar is fine. eaten in moderation no chemical is good for you

  16. Love the baking swaps infographic. Have to pin that!

  17. I have to have breakfast or Im starving by 10. lol Im good about water too!

  18. I swap out light evaporated milk for cream all the time simply because I find it’s a lot cheaper. It’s great to know I’m making a good health choice by doing that too!

  19. These are great tips! Water is HUGE (when I quit soda and switched to water I lost over 5 lbs in no time at all). I also love a pink grapefruit. I do need to be better about eating breakfast though. Busy mamas often forget or skip breakfast, and I tend to do that a lot. Need to try to be better, for sure.

  20. ok I knew some (like applesauce) but not all. hmm. all interesting. and i’m going to try!

  21. I use applesauce all the time instead of oil and avocado instead of mayo. But honestly I prefer truvia over splenda

  22. I use applesauce instead of oil all the time. I need to increase my water intake.

  23. I swap out applesauce for oil too. Not always, but when I’m watching my weight I try to. I also love to swap out mayo and sour cream with fat free greek yogurt. It’s really awesome on tacos and baked potatoes!!

  24. All great tips! That grapefruit looks so good. :) I want to try some of these swaps!

  25. I’m so guilty of not doing most of these. I normally don’t drink enough water and I always skip breakfast, except for the weekends when my husband is home and forces me to eat breakfast. If it wasn’t for him I’d probably not eat till about 11 am. Thanks for sharing such great tips. I need to start implementing them.

  26. I really need to get better at drinkign water. I am not a big water drinker and I know I really need to up my intake of it.

  27. Great tips! I never thought about swapping butter for bananas and oil for applesauce!

  28. That smoothie sounds amazing!! I love them but I’m too out of it in the morning to make them. They’re great for an afternoon snack though!

  29. I love the baking swaps. I use pumpkin or shredded zuchinni in place of oil in a lot of recipes too. Increases that fiber without increasing sugar! win/win

  30. I’m thinking I should incorporate more smoothies into our weekly menu. It really is a great way to sneak in veggies.

  31. That smoothie looks delicious. I’m trying to really cut out sugar myself!

  32. Great tips. Smoothies are the way I sneak nutrition in for my picky eaters!

  33. I’m big on swapping evaporated milk for cream.

  34. I don’t use Splenda. I love the smoothie recipe though :) Will be making it soon.

  35. Love those baking swaps and the list would be handy to keep posted on our refrigerator.

  36. Ashley M says:

    I’m always skipping breakfast and I know it’s so bad for me! :/

  37. I totally need to up my water intake. Why is something so simple, so-o-o-o difficult sometimes? Ha!

  38. That swap cheatsheet is awesome!! I need to print that and hang it by my baking supplies!

  39. Eliz Frank says:

    Excellent tips! The secret is also to not have those fatty snacks around… TY! :-)

  40. I’m trying to eat healthy! The hardest thing for me is giving up soda. I’m a lot better now that I was but I’ll never cut it out completely.

  41. That smoothie looks absolutely delicious! It is so important for me not to skip breakfast.

  42. I’m not really a breakfast person, but I always attempt to have something healthy in the morning, even if it’s just a smoothie.

  43. I definitely need to increase my water intake that’s probably the only thing I don’t do right.

  44. Breakfast is the first thing I go to when I get up. I don’t think I could survive without eating!! I need to drink more water for sure.

  45. I did not know you could switch out evaporated milk for cream! I’m going to have to try that in some of my recipes.

  46. I really need to snack better…

  47. These are all great tips, I know what to do I’m just terrible at sticking to them.

  48. I know I really really need to start drinking more water!

  49. Fantastic tips — eating breakfast has been KEY for me and my weight loss/healthy lifestyle.

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