5 Ways Kids Can Be Green
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5 Ways Kids Can Be Green #TurnItGreen @REPREVE #Sp

Recycling is important to our family because we believe in doing our part to help save the planet for a better future.  Not only for our children, but our children’s children, and so on.  It has become second nature for B to recycle just as it is to throw something away.  He knows what goes in the garbage can and what goes in the recycle bin.  We are lucky because our neighborhood has a great recycling program.  They will recycle #1 and #2 plastic, paper, glass, aluminum, and cardboard.  All we have to do is put it out in the recycle bin once a week and they take it away.

Turn it Green with Repreve! #Turnitgreen

Since we are art teachers and love to create art with our son, we also have also taught him how to use materials you would throw away into unique creations.  Many companies have also figured out ways to think outside of the box when it comes to recycling.  One such company is REPREVE.  REPREVE is a recycled fiber that helps turn plastic bottles you recycle into cool stuff you can wear and use every day. In fact, the REPREVE green beanie  that B and Miss B are wearing below was made from 6 recycled plastic bottles.

Turn it Green with Repreve! #Turnitgreen

Many brands you love use REPREVE to make their products greener:

• Volcom graphic t-shirts are made with REPREVE, using 2 recycled plastic bottles.
• One Patgonia fleece jacket with REPREVE has 40 recycled plastic bottles
• Life Khaki by Haggar uses REPREVE to put 7 recycled plastic bottles in every pair of pants; so wear what you believe.

Other products that use REPREVE: The North Face, Polartec, Beija-Flor, Lauren Conrad’s XO(eco) by Blue Avocado, Swiftwick socks, and more.

Turn it Green with Repreve! #Turnitgreen

Recycling Fact:

The U.S. plastic bottle recycling rate is less than 30 percent—so less than one-third of all plastic bottles get recycled. Most people don’t think about what happens to plastic bottles after you recycle them. So REPREVE is on a mission to get the word out: Just recycle more. And buy REPREVE products.

Want to learn 5 ways you can teach your kids to be green? B explains how!


5 Ways Kids Can Be Green

Share ways that you are green for a chance to win $5,000!

To celebrate the X Games, REPREVE invites participants to share how they “turn it green”, or how they live a more sustainable life by recycling or reusing materials, by sharing an image or video on Twitter, Instagram or Vine with the hashtag #TurnItGreen and tag @REPREVE.

Once you share the image or video with the hashtag, your entry will be judged on creativity, extent of turning it green, and brand relevance. There will be 4 entries selected as finalists, where they will be voted on by visitors to Repreve[dot]com.The image or video with the most votes will win a $5,000 cash prize. The other 3 finalists will receive a REPREVE Jacket and a Go-Pro camera (retail valued at over $500).

#TurnItGreen Contest Details:

– Submit entries from 1/17 – 2/2
– Voting will take place: 2/3 – 2/7
– The winner will be announced: 2/10

Grand Prize: $5,000 cash


What do you do to turn it green?


Thanks to REPREVE for sponsoring today’s discussion — but my excitement for recycling is all my own.

Lauren is the owner and writer for Crazy About My Baybah. She is a mom that is crazy about her family, art, photography, getting fit, Disney, and living in Las Vegas.

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  1. I am so bad about recycling. I blame it on my town, though. They only pick up the recycling every 2 weeks and then they forget half the time and it piles up with no place to put it, so it ends up in the trash. Sigh.

    • Here we have to call to have someone come pick up the stuff from our apartment. we always wait too long and now it is over flowing

  2. my son is always telling me to recycle but i’m so bad about it

  3. My daughter and I do a lot of recycling. We use our old plastic containers, cans, and bottles for crafts/projects. She is also always reminding me to turn off the water while brushing our teeth!

  4. Great idea for a post and smart to teach these green ideas to your kids from a young age.

  5. We have so much more recycling than trash every week. We’re lucky that our city sees the value in recycling and accepts so much. We also compost, which helps reduce our trash (though we’re not great at separating the compost items in the winter.)

  6. This is adorable. We are a green-ish family, love finding new tips to recycle and go green.

  7. My fiance and I barely recycled growing up because it was just too hard to do so in such rural areas, but now that we live in a populated city the recycling trucks come around which makes it so much easier to do so! Now we recycle anything we can.

  8. Only 1/3 of plastic bottles get recycled? Wow, that’s sad. You’d think it would be more by now!

  9. I received one of these beanies too and I love it! Your baby looks so snuggled up in it!

  10. My favorite way to be green is to repurpose grocery bags. I save all my plastic grocery bag up and then use them for padding whenever we ship something. Cheap and GREEN. Unfortunately, I’m not the best recycler but I try.

  11. I love that they use plastic bottles to make their stuff, it takes recycling to a whole new level. And by the way that beanie looks soooooo comfortable!

  12. These are certainly facts I didn’t know! We’re pretty good about recycling, but I need to figure out how to get my toddler involved!

  13. Omg your son had me smiling the whole time, so cute and smart! My son needs to get lessons on how to be more green from your son! lol (he still insist on having the light on when he is not in the room).

  14. Crystal @ Surviving a Teacher's Salary says:

    I love to encourage my kids to repurpose things! Recently we took a bunch of old cans of spaghetti sauce, cut the bottoms off, and then the kids helped me store them to use in my garden when planting my seedlings! Not to mention that my oldest son loves to my all sorts of crazy artistic creations with random old boxes and containers!

  15. Recycled plastic bottle tshirts are some of the softest ones I’ve ever owned! The beanies are cute.

  16. What a cute hat! It’s so amazing that they can turn waste into something awesome!

  17. We make sure to bring our reusable grocery bags anytime we go shopping. We are also trying to limit plastic water bottle usage. I love how companies are recycling and making some amazing products from garbage.

  18. I just love them! What a cute video! We need to make sure we are recycling more.

  19. It’s just amazing to me what they can make with recycled bottles. I try to do what I can to reuse every day throwaways.

  20. Our family LOVES to recycle our plastics, glass, and even food scraps! This is a great program that I totally support!

  21. katherine bartlett says:

    What an adorable hat on him! I love that this place makes awesome recyclable stuff!

  22. I hang clothes outside to dry in the summer and use cloth diapers.

  23. omg your little peanut in the beanie. so flipping cute.

    we are big recyclers here. if we cannot reuse it we recycle it. we compost. heavily. we grow what we can. we fix things before tossing them or donating them. we use a clothesline, and have forever. i cloth diapered. some may say we’re a little crunchy. ;)

  24. I’m not that great at being green, I must admit. I really like what this company is able to turn around and re-use.

  25. I think Baybah just made going green about 1,000 times more adorable! We have been working with our 3 year old to turn off the water and lights. He’s doing really good and actually gets on to us if we forget and leave either one on!

  26. I try to recycle as much as I can.
    Your son’s giggle is so sweet!

  27. I definitely recycle at my house. I have to really remind my kids a lot to make sure that when they are done with something not to just toss it in the garbage without knowing if it can be recycle. I think that if I teach them now it will build a life long habit for them. :)

  28. Repreve sounds amazing, and quite honestly why not recycle when you can? I’m already a fan! Thank you for sharing.

  29. I actually haven’t started to teach my children this, I need to work on it!

  30. we recycle as much as we can. I love that so much can come from what we get rid of.

  31. What a cute hat! I try to be as green as I can but often times find myself failing especially when it comes to recycling!

  32. Other than cloth diapers, I didn’t realize there were so many ways for a kid to be green.

  33. My apartment building has us recycling–but I am not sure if the town I live in does it part! I do love that a way was figured out to re purpose the plastic bottles–I will be looking to purchase something made with this to see what it is like.

  34. Hides face…. We don’t recycle here at my apartment complex. I’m not sure if its required here. I also didn’t realize their were so many ways for kids to recycle. Cloth dippers are big in Jamaican. I’m sure I wore them when I was a baby.

  35. We started our kids going green from the very beginning (in cloth diapers, that is). As they’ve grown, we’ve incorporated lots of green ideas into our everyday life: cloth napkins over paper towels, reusable sandwich bag over plastic.

  36. I was so good at recycling and had my entire family convinced to recycle too when they closed down all the recycle places in our area. I like this concept of recycling and making clothing.

  37. Those pictures are so cute <3

    I'm ok at recycling we do have it quite easy though we have 3 different wheely bins and we put garden recycling in one, all other recycling in another than anything that can't be recycled in the third so they have made it so easy for us. x

  38. I love to recycle! i feel it helps clean out stuff in the house.

  39. That’s crazy that they can make beanies out of bottles!! I love to recycle and in my city you can’t use any plastic bags at the store!

  40. It’s good to get them in the habit early!

  41. I have never heard of them but will definitely check them out. My oldest son laughs at me for my recycling. He says I am too extreme though I do not think there is such a thing. I do package things up that are not picked up at home because there are bins at the grocery store to drop things into – I go there anyway so not a big deal to me.

  42. That’s crazy that it was made from bottles. We try to recycle when we can but sometimes we just forget and we don’t really have the room either. We will have to get better about that!

  43. I’ll be honest – we’re not very green here. But I do try and repurpose old items into new things to give them a second life.

  44. I try to recycle, but my subdivision doesn’t recycle. I can’t imagine why it’s not mandatory

  45. This is absolutely amazing! I can’t believe they are able to turn recycled bottles into wearable items. I definitely need to start becoming more green.

  46. I recycle everything and it drives my husband nuts because he seems to not really believe in the theory behind recycling and why it is best for our environment. They city we live in actually makes it very easy to recycle with the different containers that they provide for us.

  47. I was terrible about recycling until my son learned about it in school this year. Now he wants to recycle everything and I’m just fine with that!

  48. What cute pictures,. We recycle really well in this house. The kids get into as well, I try to re-use whatever I can too

  49. It is great to teach children to live green even before they realize what they are learning.

  50. Since moving a year ago to a state that recycling is just part of the weekly trash service, it is so easy to recycle! My daughter loves to put her used plastic and boxes in the recycling. Makes me proud that its second nature to her!

  51. I really want to start getting my kids into recycling. It’s best to start early!

  52. We try and make our kids part of our green experience by having them separate recyclables and turn off water and lights when not in use. I try to explain that some of these resources we’re trying to conserve are irreplaceable.

  53. My son is very conscious of the environment. He gets livid when he sees people litter! So important to teach them early!

  54. We just try to recycle as much as possible. It’s a constant battle to remind my daughter not to waste things or use too much (soap, toilet paper, etc.)

  55. We recycle, especially since we have to pay to recycle. Our garbage company has an award system so it pays for me to recycle.

  56. I recycle all the time. I love the hat. I wish more people recycled. It’s something small that makes a huge difference.

  57. isn’t it wonderful when companies make the effort t go green and use sustainable materials? I love the colors too and would buy them for my family too.

  58. I am so glad recycling was instilled in me as a child and I was able to pass it down to my children, too.

  59. What a great way to save and the beenie is so cute LOL

  60. I love that so many name brands are recycling! That is amazing!

  61. That’s such a fantastic beenie and she’s so adorable.

  62. We recycle, donate, upcycle anything we can to not throw it away!

  63. That hat is so stinkin’ cute! And, we recycle almost everything that we get our hands on.

  64. I’m “green” about my food, skincare, make-up, and household cleaning products. However, there are other ways I can and should be green about, such as recycling.

  65. We recycle our plastic and paper and instead of trashing old clothes or toys we either give them away or repurpose them.

  66. I’m not as green as I should be. I am good about buying products that are “green”, because I suffer from contact dermatitis and we suffer from allergies… but I’m not always great about recycling and we are too wasteful at times. :/

  67. It’s so easy to recycle, I’m surprised a ton more people don’t do it.

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