7 Healthy Back to School Breakfast Ideas for Kids
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7 Healthy Back to School Breakfast Ideas

How much thought do you put into your morning breakfast? Or are you like me and think there just isn’t time for breakfast? Now that my son is starting school in the fall I want to make the time for a healthy wholesome breakfast.   If you are looking for some fun breakfast ideas that are filling, healthy, and balanced, you need to look no further than below for 7 healthy back to school breakfast ideas that will keep your child full and focused during their busy school day.

7 Healthy Back to School #Breakfast Ideas #BacktoSchool

Give these simple breakfast ideas a try and see how easy it is to start each day on the right foot. Your children need well nourished bodies and minds going into a new school year, and these breakfast ideas are just the right idea.

7 Healthy Back to School Breakfast Ideas:

1. Protein Stuffed Pita

Take a piece of pita shell and stuff with a little low fat shredded cheese and turkey. Warm in the microwave for 45 seconds until melted. This breakfast is perfect for on the go and still packs a huge protein punch.

2. Peanut Butter Waffle

You don’t need a knife and fork to eat these waffles! Just warm whole grain waffles and spread low fat peanut butter on them. They are easy to hold and the protein in the peanut butter will fuel your child all day.

3. Cereal Trail Mix

In a small bag, mix a variety of your child’s favorite cereal. Toss in raisins or nuts and you have a tasty cereal trail mix they can take with them on the way to school. Choose a cereal high in fiber and they will really have a great day!

4. Muffin Frittatas

Whip up a few eggs, add ½ cup of milk, add low fat cheese and some chopped veggies, then pour into a muffin pan. Bake at 350 for about 15 minutes or until firm. Pop the frittatas out of the pan and you have a hot tasty breakfast ready to go.

5. Jellied Oatmeal

Dress up traditional oatmeal with a few teaspoons of sugar free jelly. Make swirls and shapes and the dive in. The oatmeal is filling and the jelly gives it a sweet kick kids will love.

6. Rice Cake Delight

Take a rice cake and spread low fat peanut butter or low fat cream cheese on it. Sprinkle on nuts, banana slices, raisins, dried cereal, or other healthy toppings of your choice. Kids will love this healthy, crunchy breakfast!

7. Fit Fruit Parfait

In a tall glass add some granola, then yogurt, then fresh fruit, and repeat until you fill the cup. Top with more granola or nuts. You will love this sweet yet salty breakfast treat that is packed with vitamin c, calcium, and other nutrients.

See what a cinch it can be to make a healthy breakfast for your child that will help them keep your child full and focused during their busy school day?

Of course before you begin shopping for any of these ingredients, take a peek at www.coupons.com to see what savings may be available to you on cereal, yogurts, and more. They tend to offer a huge variety of savings on breakfast items such as these, so it is worth taking a look.

You can also get in the back to school breakfast eating spirit with the book, (affiliate link) Pancakes for Breakfastby Tomie DePaola. It can be found for less than $6 right now at Amazon.com. Your children will love this funny and sweet story, especially when you share it with them over breakfast at your own table!



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  1. I’ve done your pita idea and your rice cake idea in slightly varied ways, and now I need to try that jellied oatmeal next!

  2. Protein Pita! Very smart!!

  3. These all sound great! I just can’t get my kids to eat in the mornings..

  4. Great ideas! My son is so picky, and he (like me) has to be awake for a bit before he can eat, so school mornings are really tough. I know it is important for him to eat before school, but he just won’t/can’t. And unfortunately, if I force him, he often times throws up. Really. :( He starts the 5th grade this year but I’ll be homeschooling him through middle school, so at least he will eat breakfast before we start lessons. :)

  5. I like the pita idea – had not thought of using them for breakfast.

  6. I wish I could get my kids to eat some of these, I can’t get them to do breakfast a lot of the time.

  7. these are all great and quick breakfast fixes. Surprisingly, I’ve never tried jelly in oatmeal. sounds super yummy though

  8. I love muffin frittatas!

  9. Great ideas. Nobody is in school here but we’re still always on the lookout for quick breakfast ideas.

  10. Great ideas! We’re usually rushed and just grab cereal.

  11. Those are awesome ideas, thanks! My son starts preschool in the fall too, though we’re lucky that he’s in PM classes so it gives us some extra time in the morning.

  12. I really like all of these suggestions, especially since they are just as easy as they are healthy!

  13. These all sound so delicious!

  14. My boys love peanutbutter waffles! I can’t believe that we will be going back to school in 5 short weeks!

  15. Thank you so much for those great ideas. I’m so terrible at coming up with exciting breakfast foods for the kids. I really appreciate this post!

  16. Love these ideas. I’m going to have to try a few of them!

  17. Love the pita idea, you could even throw in some egg whites for extra protein.

  18. Peanut Butter Waffles – yes please! What a yummy and healthy breakfast!

  19. I’m happy if I can get mine to eat a waffle or a few bean crackers. She isn’t much of a morning eater.

  20. they all sound so delicious how can you decide. I’d have to have one a day

  21. I love all these quick and healthy breakfast ideas for the busy back-to-school rush.

  22. These are some great ideas that I need to try with my girls.

  23. My kids would be all over the peanut butter waffle. These are all great ideas!

  24. You had me at Peanut Butter Waffle.

  25. Waffles with pb are one of my daughters favorite breakfasts. I love parfaits myself.

  26. I need to try to make some muffin frittatas. It would make breakfast so much easier some mornings.

  27. They all sound so yummy!

  28. These all sound amazing.

  29. YUM! I’m working on planning out our school breakfasts — these are some great ideas!

  30. These are all great ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  31. Nobody currently in school in our house but this is good for us since we’re always trying to keep in the habit of eating breakfast. This post is good motivation!

  32. Love the idea of muffin frittatas!

  33. The Protein Stuffed Pita and Muffin Frittatas both sound really good. :)

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