Arm & Hammer Tooth Tunes Toothbrush Review
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Arm & Hammer Tooth Tunes Toothbrush Review #ToothTunes1D

This week Baybah had his first dentist appointment so he knows how important it is to brush his teeth. While we were there the dentist told him that it is real important for him to brush his teeth for 2 minutes, twice a day, and to make sure to floss. Now that he is getting bigger, and his teeth are growing closer together, this is very important to make sure he does not get any cavities. Making sure he brushes his teeth for 2 minutes is easier said then done. That is why I was happy to be able to review the Arm & Hammer Tooth Tunes Toothbrush.    This special toothbrush plays two minutes of music to encourage longer brushing, perfect to help ensure that Baybah achieves the dentist’s recommended brushing time.

Arm & Hammer Tooth Tunes Toothbrush Review

How does the toothbrush work?  Arm & Hammer Tooth Tunes features one of a kind Music in Your Mouth technology.  The music streams sound vibrations from the bristles of the brush to your child’s teeth, allowing them to hear the music while they brush.  Tooth Tunes first launched in July of 2012 with songs by artists like The Black Eyed Peas, Queen, and Cody Simpson.  Now they have two new Tooth Tunes brushes that feature music by the chart toppers One Direction.  Baybah’s brush plays their fun song “One Thing.”   The first time he used the toothbrush was the first time he heard the song and he started dancing in the bathroom to the music. So cute!  He sure loves using his Arm & Hammer Tooth Tunes toothbrush.

Arm & Hammer Tooth Tunes Toothbrush Review

Tooth Tunes Review

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Arm & Hammer Tooth Tunes Review

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Disclaimer: I am part of the Mom It Forward blogger network. Mom It Forward and ARM & HAMMER™ Tooth Tunes™ partnered in support of this campaign. ARM & HAMMER™ Tooth Tunes™ compensated me for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. That toothbrush sounds pretty cool, I love the fact that it plays music during brushing. I’ll definitely be getting one of these for my son.

  2. awww how fun I bet my kids would love these

  3. I need to get one of these for my son.

  4. I need to try this with the girls.

  5. We have a One Direction toothbrush and boy is that a hit with the kids! Plus I love that it makes brushing their teeth fun!

  6. My son loves his Tooth Tunes toothbrush, but for the life of me right now I can’t remember which song it is! Going to check as soon as I get home because it’s going to drive me crazy.

  7. Those kind of toothbrushes are just the neatest things!

  8. My daughter loves her toothbrush!!

  9. My kids had these when they were young.

  10. I wish they had these around when my daughter was younger.

  11. How neat!

  12. Anything that makes brushing more fun gets a gold star in my book!

  13. These toothbrushes look so cool that I would love to have one myself to make sure I brush for the correct amount of time!

  14. These are so much fun!

  15. This is pretty cool

  16. I’ve been seeing this toothbrush. My 8-year-old has been asking for it. I think when she’s due for a new brush I’ll get her this.

  17. This looks so cool!

  18. My kids both have one of these and love them. I find that they brush longer with the Tooth Tunes.

  19. By next week he’ll have the sparkliest teeth around :)

  20. That is quite a toothbrush! ;)

  21. My son loves things like this :)

  22. Those are some pretty cool toothbrushes. He sure looks like he enjoys brushing his teeth.

  23. I love how this makes it fun for kids to brush. It’s definitely a good habit to have young.

  24. Too cute! My son would love it, he’s become obsessed with music.

  25. My son has this toothbrush, too, and loves it!

  26. Fun and he’s doing good! :)

  27. I love products like this that make it fun for kids to brush. Your little man is super cute!

  28. good dental hygiene is so hard to teach.

  29. I wonder if my son would like this – right now a good old fashion timer is working great!

  30. My daughter LOVES her toothtunes :)

  31. These are so fun! Looks like he really enjoys it.

  32. What a little cutie.

  33. My daughter LOVE her 1D toothbrush!

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