Healthy Essentials Savings and Earth Day Tips #Moms4JNJConsumer #Ad

Healthy Essentials Recycling Tips and Jonson and Johnson Coupons

TweetThis post is part of the HEALTHY ESSENTIALS® 2014 program by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc. and The Motherhood, who sent me a box of products and compensated me for my time. Opinions, experiences and photos shared here are all my own, and I hope you enjoy them. Earth Day is April 20th and [...]

Fresh as a Baby’s Bum #LetsTalkBums #Sp

Fresh as a Baby's Bum #LetsTalkBums #Sp

TweetThis article is sponsored by Cottonelle. Our little Miss B is 4 months old.  Can you believe it?  I can’t either, seems just like yesterday I was holding her in my arms for the first time.  Since then I have changed my share of diapers, each time using a wipe to make sure she is [...]

Doing the Happy Dance

Doing the Happy Dance

Tweet It is Spring Break that means it is time to enjoy this week with my family.  If you have not guessed it, I am pretty happy about it and thought it was the perfect time to do the happy dance with my family.   What are you looking forward to this week?!  

Create a Virtual Baby Book with Blinkbuggy | Apparoo App of the Week

Make a Virtual Baby Book With the Blinkbuggy App!

TweetI have partnered with Apparoo to share with you the Apparoo app of the week. This weeks Apparoo app of the week is a special app for moms called the Blinkbuggy app. Blinkbuggy uses the spirit of a traditional baby book and combines it with the power of technology and the internet to help you [...]

Giveaway: Products for Breast Milk Pumping Moms

"Pumping Breast Milk" "Pumping Moms" "Increase Breastmilk Pumping" "How to Pump Breastmilk"

TweetNow that I am back at work pumping has become a necessity to make sure that Miss B has the milk she needs when I am away.  It is hard work, but being able to feed my baby breast milk makes it well worth it.   Luckily there are some amazing products out there to [...]

Cadbury Egg Filled Easter Cupcakes Recipe

Cadbury Egg Filled Cupcakes Recipe

TweetOne of my favorite types of Easter candy is Cadbury Eggs.   There is just something about them, I love the hard shell and the creamy middle.  I thought why not combine them with another favorite treat, cupcakes!  Here is a recipe for Cadbury Egg Filled Easter Cupcakes! Cadbury Egg Filled Easter Cupcakes 4.8 from [...]