Avengers Crafts for Kids | Avengers Cookie Cutters
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Avengers Crafts for Kids | Avengers Cookie Cutters

Disclosure: I was provided the items above for the purpose of review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  This post contains affiliate links.


I recently received Marvel Avengers Cookie Cutters and a Hulk Spatula from Williams-Sonoma.  When I first received them, my initial reaction was to hide them away with the rest of my collectables.  But toys are no fun when they are left in a box.  Besides, these are toys that will make memories with your family that will last a lifetime.  Weather it is baking and icing Avengers Sugar Cookies as they are originally intended, or whipping up a little Avengers Bling, these cookie cutters will have you thinking outside the box!


Since my family is not only Crazy About My Baybah, we are also Crazy About Crafts, too. So we decided to make Avengers Crafts using the cookie cutters and clay!


Create Avengers Bling out of The Avengers Cookie Cutters and Clay!


Marvel Avengers Cookie Cutters
Model Magic from Crayola ( I used red, yellow, blue, green, black, and white)
Thin ribbon 


How To:

  1. Flatten the model magic with your palm.  Try to make as even as possible.
  2. Place the cookie cutter onto the clay and press down.  Take off the excess clay around the edges.
  3. Press in the cookie cutter to make sure the image is indented evenly in the clay.
  4. Lift up and look at your masterpiece!
  5. Use a pencil to make the hole for your necklace.
  6. Tada!  Let your piece harden for at least 24 hours.  It does not harden like clay, more like a really hard marshmollow.
  7. Thread you ribbon through the hole and tie in the back to make it into a necklace, or Avengers Bling.

Want to make your Avengers Bling look marbled?  Here is how!

  1. Find the colors of Model Magic you want to use.
  2. Squish them together.
  3. Do not over squish or the colors will mix together.  For the colors I used for example, it would make purple.
  4. Press down the clay and then follow the steps above to complete your necklace.


We had so much fun creating our Avengers Bling.  I even used it as a learning experience for Baybah.  We talked about colors, matching the colors, and taking our turn.  It was also a wonderful way to work on fine motor skills.



After we made our Avengers Bling we decided to make 3D Avengers too! I kind of love them, they are so cute!


Marvel’s The Avengers hits theaters everywhere on May 4th! 

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