Bananas | Wordless Wednesday

Bananas | Wordless Wednesday

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I am bananas for this kid!

  Bananas | Wordless Wednesday

Happy Wordless Wednesday!


Lauren is the owner and writer for Crazy About My Baybah. She is a mom that is crazy about her family, art, photography, getting fit, Disney, and living in Las Vegas.
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  1. Looks like someone loves his bananas!

  2. What a monkey!! :)

  3. Aunt Chickie says:

    Love that busy little monkey!! His smile is contagious and beautiful!!!

  4. So adorable! Seeing this picture makes me want a banana now.

  5. He has got the cutest smile.

  6. Who wouldn’t be, look at that face!

  7. It would be hard not to be. I mean, look at that smile, for one! :)

  8. That is such a cute picture.

  9. And I can see why!

  10. How can you not be?! He’s go a million dollar smile.

  11. What a happy guy! Might the sucker have something to do with that? ;)

  12. What a little character :)

  13. What a cute face! He must love really love his bananas (and maybe the lollipop helps as well) :)

  14. He’s so cute. I should try the sucker/banana combo myself. :)

  15. LOL, he is loving those bananas! My boys go crazy for them too, I can hardly keep them in the house.

  16. What a little cutie!

  17. LOL too cute! Shane always makes me buy bananas but never eats them.

  18. Playing shopping helper and a yummy lollipop would have me smiling like that too!

  19. And he is absolutely bananas about you! He has the best smile.

  20. LOL — he always has the biggest smile!

  21. Love that big, beautiful smile! Too cute!

  22. He has a wonderful smile!

  23. Gotta love bananas!

  24. Loving his smile!

  25. awww he’s adorable and he certainly loves to shop for Bananas with mommy. Too cute

  26. LOL cute caption and does he ever not smile?

  27. What a beautiful smile! bananas and a lollipop, what kid wouldn’t be happy?

  28. How could anyone NOT be bananas for a little cutie like that? What a bright, amazing smile.

  29. Such a cutie pie!

  30. Melts my heart! :)

  31. He is such a little doll! So cute.

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