Boba 4G Baby Carrier Review
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Boba 4G Baby Carrier Review

My favorite baby carrier when B was little was my Boba Organic Carrier, so I knew that when Miss B came along, I wanted to use a Boba with her as well.   As a Boba Ambassador, I am excited to share with you my review of the Boba 4G Carrier.

Boba 4G Baby Carrier Review

The 4G comes in several colors and fun designs.  I decided on the SOHO because of the beautiful red floral pattern that is on the center panel.  This carrier not only looks great, but it also includes more than a dozen features making it truly one of a kind!  One of my favorite features is the infant insert. The insert is essentially a fold and snap pillow that you snap into your carrier until your baby grows out of it.  For babies 7-10 lbs, you fold and snap the insert in half.  Doing so will keep  your infant in the fetal tuck position and held higher for extra support.  Once your baby is 10-14 lbs, unfold the pillow so they will sit with their legs held up in an M shape position since their legs are not long enough to be outside of the carrier yet.  Once your child has outgrown the insert, just unsnap it from the carrier.

Boba 4G Baby Carrier Review

Other features that I love about the Soho Boba 4G Carrier  are the removable foot straps, sleeping hood, holders for my purse straps, the many pockets, and the fact that I can carry my baby from 7 to 45 pounds!  The carrier itself only weighs 2 pounds, so that you’re not holding a heavy carrier, plus your child.  Right now I am carrying her on the front, but once she starts to get heavier I can wear her on my back as well.

Boba 4G Baby Carrier Review

Baby is 10 days old in this photo!

I take our carrier with us everywhere and wear Miss B as often as I can.  It is so much easier to wear her then lug the big heavy carseat around.  Plus, she is so much more comfortable being close to her mama.  She often falls asleep or just looks around at the view.  Being hands free is one of the biggest bonuses about wearing my 4G.  I can be close to my baby and get work done around the house, shop, and run after B!   I absolutely love our Boba 4G and I know you will too.

For more information, and to purchase a Boba carrier, head to their website You can also find Boba on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclosure: I received the products listed above from Boba in exchange for this review.  No monetary compensation was received by me. This review is 100% mine, and my honest opinion.  Thank you Boba for this opportunity!

Lauren is the owner and writer for Crazy About My Baybah. She is a mom that is crazy about her family, art, photography, getting fit, Disney, and living in Las Vegas.

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  1. That looks like a really nice carrier. I never carried my babies in anything like that, but I know lots of moms who do and love it.

  2. I never adjusted to a front carrier but I sure loved wearing my kids in a backpack when they were older! I’m glad your little miss enjoys her carrier time so much!

  3. I never did baby carrying but probably would have with a carrier like that. It looks pretty comfy.

  4. This would have been great when my babies were babies.. the one we had back in those days was not good so we rarely used it. This one look so comfy for baby and mommy.

  5. I LOVE the color and print of your Boba 4G carrier! And of course, I love your pics – Miss B is absolutely beautiful!

  6. Great carrier! I had an Ergo but couldn’t get it to work just right.

  7. LOVE! She looks so comfy. The Boba 4G is a favorite of mine too!

  8. I LOVE Boba. Got one for my cousin’s baby shower last year, and will buy one when my nephew and his wife have theirs.

  9. These carriers look amazing. I have heard nothing but amazing things about them. If I had another baby I would definitely give it a try.

  10. Reading posts like these makes me miss when I carried our children. Love how snug your baby is. That’s the best way to carry your child.

  11. I love the print on the center. So bright Let us know how it washes, too.

  12. That looks like a great carrier. I loved wearing my babies- especially my third since it made keeping up with my other two so much easier.

  13. We love the Boba 4G Carrier too! We have the Glacier design, which is good for me or my husband – whoever wants to carry our little one. The pillow at the bottom is also great, we just unfolded ours because our 3 month old is growing so fast!

  14. tee mccluskey says:

    I have a friend that just found out she is 4 1/2 months pregnant! So this would be great for her sending over the link now! :)

  15. That looks like a great carrier. I hated the one that I had for our daughter.

  16. When my daughters were babies, the carrier I use to have didn’t work very well so my babies were always in strollers when we would go out. This carrier looks much more easier to use.

  17. I love the Boba 4G. My favorite part is the infant pillow that comes with it and is attached!

  18. What a cute and comfy carrier! I always used an Ergo, but I ever have another little one (probably not, but…), I will have to look into one of these.

  19. Oh my Heart! Your little one is so small and adorable! I really loved carrying my babies. Wish I had done it more with my first.

  20. This looks so comfy! Sharing it with my friend who’s been shopping for a baby carrier! :)

  21. I love the pictures!! You both look so comfortable and ready to take on the day. I was lucky enough to have a Boba Organic for my little and I wore her daily. We both loved baby wearing so much! I can’t wait for baby number 2 (hoping for baby 2 anyway) so I can get this new beautiful carrier. If it’s anything like the original I know my maybe baby and I will love the freedom and cuddles built in one!!! Love that this one offers so many features! Thanks for sharing!

  22. I love that this carrier is so light. And that is fantastic that the carrier can hold up to 45 pounds!

  23. Miss B is adorable! And I love the coloring of the pattern, so bright and colorful!

  24. Oh gosh Miss B- she is one little cutie! I love the pattern on that carrier :)

  25. This looks like a great carriers. I like how close and snug baby is to the body.

  26. Sounds convienient for keeping baby close to your heart.

  27. I never tried using a carrier like that when my girls were little. This one is super cute.

  28. I never got to use cool stuff like that. Makes me sad. Like I missed out on something special. Glad you’re enjoying it though. Maybe if I ever have another child I’ll get in on the baby-wearing fun xD

  29. She looks pretty happy in that Boba, and you look so comfortable wearing her. (And beautiful, mama!) That red print is gorgeous! Good choice!

  30. Looks like a great carrier – wish they had these when my kids were babies.

  31. I tried carriers with my daughter but never could get comfortable in them. This looks like one that I might have liked though.

  32. I wish I would have used a carrier more when mine were little. I love the print on this one.

  33. Ashley M says:

    That’s a really cute carrier – i regret not using mine more when my daughter was a baby.

  34. I have a Boba and a Boba hoodie that I cannot wait to use once the new baby comes!!!

  35. This looks like a great baby carrier! I’ll keep it in mind for a baby shower gift.

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