Bursting with Love Bubbles | Candy Free Valentines for Kids
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Bursting with Love Bubbles | Candy Free Valentines for Kids

I’ve created a simple valentine treat for Sweet Pea to share with her play group friends.  Target carries a six pack of medium sized bubbles in the party section. Pick up a pack or three and create a simple label. I handmade mine using scrap craft paper. But creating a label on your computer would be just as cute! Just make sure to add the love note, “Bursting with LOVE!”  I thought they would be the perfect candy free Valentines for kids!

Bursting with Love Bubbles

Bursting with Love Valentine Bubbles | Candy Free Valentines for Kids


Colored craft paper


Use the craft paper to create a tag for all of your bubbles.  Write “Bursting with Love” on the labels.  Glue them onto your bubbles.  Hand to very happy toddlers!

Simple, fun and zero sugar added!



Recent to the blogging world, I'm a new mom finding my way with my little darling Sweet Pea. I enjoy cooking, baking, the great outdoors and everything Baby Girl! Elementary school teacher turned stay at home mom = children's lit lover and craft connoisseur.
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  1. That’s a great way to give a valentine without all the sugar!

  2. How cute and such a sweet message.

  3. What a wonderful idea. Bubbles are such a huge hit anytime.

  4. SUCH A SWEET And ADORABLE gift idea!!! Absolutely Love it!!!

  5. I love that it is candy-free. I love chocolate, but sometimes I think we tend to go overboard at holidays with sweet treats.

  6. Bubbles are a wonderful idea! Much better than candy.

  7. These are super cute. What kid doesn’t love bubbles.

  8. Great idea! You can’t go wrong with bubbles when it comes to kids.

  9. Those are SO cute! I need to pick these up for my son’s friends.

  10. Bubbles are a favorite here, I just wish they didn’t spill the whole bottle the day they get them!

    Cute idea!

  11. This is too cute and I love that it’s candy-less.

  12. What cute and sweet idea!

  13. Adorable and a great idea! Going to make these for my son’s Kinder class.

  14. LOVE this — I’ve been trying to figure out valentines for my kids’ parties … these will be PERFECT.

  15. This is a very cute idea for kids. So easy and simple to make.

  16. I swear that bubbles are magical no matter what age you are! They’re just FUN! Great V-day idea!

  17. Cute idea and what kid doesn’t love bubbles!?

  18. That is so cute! I should make this for my sons class :)

  19. Super cute and easy!

  20. I know my daughter would like this better than a card

  21. What an awesome idea! Love it!

  22. What a cute and simple non-candy idea for Valentine’s.

  23. I love that this is candy free and it’s so fun!

  24. This is Sweet T’s kind of Valentine! Great idea since there’s always too much candy. ;)

  25. What kid (young and old) doesn’t love bubbles?! So cute!

  26. Cheap, easy, and fun? Those are the best kinds of gifts :)

  27. Those are super cute!

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