Butterfly Snack Bags and Craft
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Butterfly Snack Bags and Craft

Sweet Pea was invited to her first Easter party this week and the moms were all asked to bring a snack. I have been dying to make the butterfly snack bags I’d seen floating around Pinterest so I decided this was the perfect opportunity!
Let’s be honest here: this is a bit time consuming and I wouldn’t use popcorn again. The gluing and painting was a bit tedious. I was so worried the popcorn wouldn’t be fresh so I waited until 9pm the night before to make it and assemble the bags. Dance Moms kept me company but next time, I’d use say animal crackers, butterfly shaped crackers or another easy snack that wouldn’t spoil so quickly so I could make them more in advance. Yes although it took me awhile, I’d do this again because they were such a hit!! But I won’t give you the illusion this was quick and easy.

Butterfly Snack Bags and Craft

Materials used to make 12 butterflies:

12 Sealed snack bags (6 1/2in X 1/4in)
2 popped 100 calorie microwave popcorn bags
3 small individual Yogurt covered raisin boxes
1 bag Easter M&M’s
1 bag Aunt Annie’s Bunny Pretzels
1 bag Jelly Beans
12 Clothespins
6 Pipe Cleaners
3 Colors of Paint
24 Goggly Eyes
Hot Glue
Tacky Glue
Black Marker

Craft Directions:

Paint clothespins desired colors. Set aside and allow to dry. Be sure to use wood paint. I didn’t have any on hand and ended up having to paint layers and layers… These may need to dry overnight and I’d advise planning it as such.

Cut pipe cleaners in half. Then fold the halves in half to make a V. Curl the ends of the pipe cleaner so it looks like an antenna. Once clothespins are dry- Use tacky glue to add eyes and then draw the butterfly’s smile with a marker. Use hot glue to add antenna to the top of the clothespin. Make sure you don’t glue the clothespin closed. ;)

Snack Directions:

Add pretzels and jelly beans to the bag. Hold it sideways so it all stays to one side. Then using your pointer and middle finger clasp bag in the center to create two separate sides. Add popcorn, yogurt raisins and M&M’s to the second side. Slide clothespin into center to maintain the separation and then Viola!

If you want to make anymore than 12 bags be sure you have another bag of pretzels. That was the one thing I ran out of and had to use sparingly.

Butterfly Snack Bags

The kids loved this special treat and it looked extra special on display!! This would be great for any of your Spring, Birthday or End of the Year Parties! Enjoy!


Recent to the blogging world, I'm a new mom finding my way with my little darling Sweet Pea. I enjoy cooking, baking, the great outdoors and everything Baby Girl! Elementary school teacher turned stay at home mom = children's lit lover and craft connoisseur.
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  1. Any little one would be thrilled about this! Super duper cute and yummy too!

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  13. These are so fun aren’t they? I used to make them for my daughter’s class with mandarin orange slices on one side and pretzel twists on the other.

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