New Cast Member and Curriculum Mark Sesame Streets 44th Season
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New Cast Member and Curriculum Mark Sesame Streets 44th Season

PBS Kids provided me with an all expense paid press trip to cover the PBS Annual Meeting. All opinions are my own.

Sunny days swept my clouds away as I met a new neighbor in Miami this past week at the PBS Annual Meeting thanks to PBS Kids.   Mando, Sesame Street’s newest unique voice will capture your child’s heart while helping to deliver a new and exciting curriculum for the shows 44th season. Ismael Cruz Cordova who was born in Puerto Rico and immigrated to the U.S. via New York City as a child plays Mando.  The transition was a difficult one and to help him learn the language, Ismael’s mom did what any mother would do she had him watch Sesame Street.  He said one of the things he has always admired about the show is that it “talks to kids on eye level.”  He hopes to continue this by “giving kids the feeling of being accounted for.”  He went on to say that, “kids want to be global citizens.” That is one of the things that is unique in the character of Mando he is a writer who happens to be Latino.  This was most evident when in the audition Ismael proposed a Spanish language version of the famous Sesame Street song I Love My Hair. According to executive producer Carol-Lynne Parente this was one of the things that stood out about Ismael in the role.  He showed that he was an “innovator and willing to take risks.”  Overall he just had that “sparkle” that you only recognize when you see it.  Master puppeteer Carmen Osbahr a Mexico City native, accompanied Mando to the conference and they were so natural together whether it was a song and dance at the Sesame Workshop breakfast or entertaining a room full of bloggers for an hour it was clear that they both share that “sparkle” and it was an honor to spend some time with these amazing performers.

The Newest Neighbor on Sesame Street Mando!

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They seem to be happy but never satisfied at PBS and Sesame Street when it comes to educating our children.  Something they feel is the core of their mission and as a parent I am eternally grateful for.  Baybah is at that age (3-4) where he often becomes frustrated when he doesn’t get his way or if he can’t get the pieces of his Legos to fit together the way he wants them.    This then manifests itself in a variety of different and increasingly elaborate tantrums.  Sesame streets new curriculum will help support us while Lolo and I try to teach him how to manage these feelings.  These skills will be invaluable as we prepare to send him off to preschool in the fall, which happily coincides with the beginning of the new season (September 16th). Cookie, not known for embodying these qualities will help viewers master these feelings in a series of blockbuster adventures that parody today’s pop culture.  But the show is not just for preschoolers.  According to their internal research as well as the statistics taken by the people at Nielsen Sesame Street has the highest co viewing audience of any other preschool program.  What that means to parents like you and me is that our children learn these skills when they are 3 or 4 and continue to have them reinforced as they turn 5, 6, 7, 8, and beyond.  Admit it you often find yourself watching the program and singing along to the amazing musical numbers.  Like the previous 43 seasons this one will include a bunch of A-list celebrity guests like Charlize Theron, Dave Mathews, my personal favorites Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage, and Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu.  The latter I think would be awesome in a scene where his and Mando’s awesome locks could share the screen.

Sesame Street Mando and Executive Producer

Mando, Executive Producer RositaCarol-Lynne Parente, and Master puppeteer Carmen Osbahr with Rosita!

Executive Producer Carol-Lynn Parente from Sesame Street talks about identifying diversity in the new season on Sesame Street.

Last week I shared my interview with Mando and Rosita. If you missed it, you can find it here! Chat with Rosita and Mando

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