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Week 7 of My 365 | Wordless Wednesday

Welcome to week 7 of my 365. Each week I will be sharing photos of Miss B creating a 365 of her first year just like I did with her big brother! Day 44 Can you believe she is 2 months old?  I want to slow down time and hold her longer. Day 45 Still […]

My 365: Day 59- Toddler Toes

Baybah is quite the water bug. I swear he would stay in the tub all day if we would let him. I even have to drain all of the water out of the tub before he will get out. He loves to read his floating books, and splash the water. What is your kids favorite […]

My 365: Day 58 My Little Movie Critic

2-27-11 Toy Story 3 was robbed!

365 of 365- Happy New Year & 1 of 365- Vintage Baybah

12-31-10 Happy New Year! I cannot believe that my 365 is over! You should have seen me looking at all of my photos yesterday to make my favorites of 2010 post. Crying like a little baby! I thought I would share with you my very first photo from 2010. Little Baybah, oh my has he […]

359 of 365- Wordless{ish} Wednesday

12-25-10One of Baybah’s favorite gifts from Santa was his little piano. He loves it. My husband jokes about telling the kind of mood Baybah is in by the songs he plays. Sometime it is upbeat and happy, other times it is more classical and mellow. I thought I would also add our family photo from […]

My 365: 355 Wordless Wednesday-Don’t Touch That Lens

12-21-10As you can see, Baybah is feeling much better. :) We are hoping to finally see Santa tomorrow, and finally take our Christmas card photos. Better late then never, right? ;)