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My 365: 328 Happy Thanksgiving

This photo was taken during our fall photo shoot last month. Today the day started with Hubs making homemade apple pie.  It is one of his specialties, and requested every year by our friends to bring to Thanksgiving dinner.  We then spent some time watching football and the Macy’s Day Parade, and then headed over […]

314 – 316 of 365 :Peek-a-Boo, Silly, and Cheeee

31411-10-10Peek-a-boo and chicken noodle soup. What a great combination! 31511-11-10Being silly. I wish I woke up in the morning in such a great mood. 31611-12-10Baybah saying “Cheeee” for the camera.Daddy and Baybah drawing together. Baybah is getting pretty good. His lines are so expressive;) _________________________________________________  

313 of 365: Wordless Wednesday!

31311-9-10My handsome little man. ————————————————————-    

311-312 of 365: Giggles with Daddy and Monday Night Football

31111-7-10Giggles and tickles with daddy. 31211-8-10Baybah is all dressed up to watch the Steelers on Monday Night Football, Terrible Towel and all!Uncle J and Baybah huddled up to work out a play when things got rough in the 4th qtr.   Please Vote for us @ Top Mommy Blogs!

307-309 of 365: Picture Time

30711-3-10Baybah is working on his own blog! lol 30811-4-10I know, I cannot believe it either. Baybah still fits in his Bumbo! Every once in awhile I catch him in it reading a good book. 30911-5-10I made the mistake of taking Baybah’s new nap time/bedtime toy away, he was not happy at all. Once I gave […]

304-306 of 365 Wordless Wednesday

30410-31-10Happy Halloween! 30511-1-10I think this one is my new favorite! 30611-2-10Why are you so serious Baybah?