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DreamWorks Pictures People Like Us – New Featurette #PeopleLikeUs

During my time in New York City for The Avengers Event, I had the opportunity to see a prescreening of DreamWorks People Like Us. I have to save my review of the film until later but I will say that it was amazing.    People Like Us was a movie about family that was so real […]

See Atom from Real Steel Come to Life @RealSteelMovie

While at the Real Steel press junket, we not only got to talk to the actors of the film, we also got to meet the robots Atom and Noisy Boy.  Seeing these robots in person was kind of intimidating.  I felt like they were going to start boxing right then and there! Here is a […]

Real Steel | Teach Him

In honor of Real Steel being #1 this past weekend, DreamWorks has released a new clip from the film! In this clip, Max (Dakota Goya) has stayed up all night working on his new robot Atom and Charlie (Hugh Jackman) is surprised to see what he has been up to. Does Charlie end up helping […]

Hugh Jackman Talks About Real Steel and Family @RealSteelMovie

I am still in shock that I was able to sit across a table from Hugh Jackman.  My heart is still a flutter.  Not only is he an incredibly talented actor and Broadway performer, he is a genuinely nice guy.  And if you can believe it or not, even better looking in person. You will […]