Eggcellent Antonyms Sight Word Game

Eggcellent Antonym Site Word Game

TweetI was getting a package ready to send to my niece and nephew when the dollar bin at target spoke to me with an eggcellent idea. I immediately snagged the package of foam eggs with Baybah in mind. B is in preschool (as you know) and is beginning to read/recognize words so I thought I [...]

Sensory Easter Eggs | Easter Activities for Kids

Easter Activities for Kids

Tweet Create your own sensory Easter eggs using materials around the house or like me pick them up at the dollar store. I spent $10 making these eggs and Sweet Pea spent lots of time exploring and using all of her senses. Suggested Materials: Hot glue and gun Easter eggs Sponge Cloth Foam Ribbon Pipe [...]

How To Make Easter Egg Shakers | Upcycled Easter Craft

Easter Egg Shakers

Tweet Excited to start getting things ready for Easter, I dug out Baybah’s Easter basket from the garage. During my search, I found a couple of cracked and mismatched Easter eggs.  I did not want to throw them away, so I thought why not recycle them and make a craft!  I have been wanting to [...]

Easter Bunny Footprints Tutorial

Easter Bunny Footprints

Tweet As I said before, my mom, I mean the Easter Bunny went all out for Easter. One of my favorite memories from Easter was that the Easter Bunny left little bunny footprints behind that lead to each of our Easter baskets. They were our little trail that we had to follow to find our [...]

How to Make an Easy No Sew Easter Basket Liner

Tweet Easter brings back so many wonderful memories from when I was little.  The Easter Bunny  always made Easter so special for my sister, brother, and I.  My mom went all out from making the basket liners to filling our baskets with homemade Easter candy.  You should taste her peanut butter filled chocolate eggs. YUM! [...]