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PBS Kids and Whole Foods : Peg + Cat Fruit Salad Recipe and Craft

PBS Kids and Whole Foods Peg + Cat Fruit Salad #Recipe and Craft #PBSKidsVIp

It is no secret that we adore PBS KIDS (I am a PBSKids Vip).  Their great programing and educational apps for kids are definitely a favorite in our family. is also loaded with fun and educational games and crafts featuring their lovable characters.  And now that they have teamed up with Whole Foods Market […]

3 Easy and Yummy Juicing Recipes

3 Quick and Yummy Juicing Recipes

Juicing seems to be all of the rage these days as people are looking for healthier ways to eat and live. The wonderful thing about juicing is, it never gets old because there are literally hundreds of recipes you can try. Juicing is a great way to get the nutrients you need in an easy […]

3 Easy Popsicle Recipes Perfect for Summer

Easy Popsicle Recipes for Kids

It is the middle of summer and temperatures just keep rising.  Looking for a way to stay cool with a refreshing treat your kids will love? Try these 3 easy popsicle recipes that are sure to be the hit of summer. 3 Easy Popsicle Recipes   Delicious Orange Banana Smoothie Pops Ingredients: 1 container (7-ounce) Greek […]

7 Healthy Back to School Breakfast Ideas

7 Healthy Back to School Breakfast Ideas #BacktoSchool #Breakfast

How much thought do you put into your morning breakfast? Or are you like me and think there just isn’t time for breakfast? Now that my son is starting school in the fall I want to make the time for a healthy wholesome breakfast.   If you are looking for some fun breakfast ideas that […]

Finding Time for Mom to Get Fit

Finding Time For Busy Moms to Get Fit

The magical moment when you arrive at motherhood is such an exciting time in one’s life. Having a child not only changes how you feel about the world, feel about love, and see life beyond your own eyes, but it has a bigger impact on one thing for all women: our bodies. Whether you are […]

FitnessGlo Makes Finding Time for Fitness Easy for Moms | Giveaway

FitnessGlo Review

It is summertime, that means it is time to get in shape for those family picnics and pool days. Walking on the treadmill or doing the same workout DVD’s that you have had for the past 5 years can get kind of boring and monotonous.   If you are like me,  you just need a […]