Chasing Life Cast- Italia Ricci, Hayley Ramm and Mary Page Keller
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A Chat with the Chasing Life Cast from ABC Family


One of my favorite new shows is Chasing Life on ABC Family.  If you have not seen it yet,  you need to tune in.  It is one of those shows that the characters really draw you in and make you care about them.    It is about a twenty something year old named April that is trying to deal with her aspiring journalist career, her love life, and her family all while after just finding out she has cancer.  I will say that there is not an episode that I do not shed a tear. It is a very authentic and beautifully done show about real life and life’s challenges.  During my trip to LA last month, we got to sit down with the Chasing Life Cast to learn more about the show and their characters.


Interview with the Chasing Life Cast from ABC Family #ABCFamilyEvent

Chasing Life follows twenty-something April (Italia Ricci), a smart and quick-witted aspiring journalist, who is trying to work her way up the ladder at a Boston newspaper by trying to impress her hard-nosed editor. When not pursuing the latest scoop, April tries to balance her ambitious career with her family – her widowed mom Sara (Mary Page Keller), rebellious little sister Brenna(Haylee Ramm) and her grandmother. Just as things start to look up at work, home and on the romance front with co-worker Dominic, April gets the devastating news from an estranged uncle that she has cancer.

Italia Ricci Interview - Star of Chasing Life on ABC Family

Italia Ricci (April) quotes and facts:

  • “You want to make sure you are telling their stories right, because there isn’t one way people go through having cancer.”
  • “April didn’t know anything about cancer, so I decided to learn about cancer with my character.”
  • Her family watches the show on ABC Spark in Ontario!  Her Grandma opens up the magazine ads of the show and lines them up on the racks in the grocery stores.
  • Italia has a matching tattoo with her Grandma, Mom, & Sister.  “It is a white ink wisdom knot.  It is an East African symbol that represents strength, ingenuity, patience, and knowledge.  All things I wish I had more of.”
  • Italia took the LSAT’s, she was going to go to the University of Toronto and study Entertainment Law.
  • No, she is not related to Christina Ricci.

Hayley Ramm Interview - Star of Chasing Life on ABC Family

Haylee Ramm (Brenna) quotes and facts:

  • “I love that my character has never had to explain herself to her family, and her family never asks. I love how it is so normal, and it is what it is, like it should be.”
  • “To know that young people dealing with cancer finally have a character that they can actually tune in and relate to, was really appealing to me.”
  • “Brenna steps up when she finds out her sister has cancer.  She realizes that her high school drama is something that she does not need and realizes that life is too short.”
  • “Brenna is not just a regular 16 year old. I feel like she has a better outlook on life.  She has been through a lot and sees life differently”.
  • Haylee moved from Dallas, TX to Los Angeles when she was 11.   Her family is very supportive of her acting career.

Interview with Mary Paige Keller from Chasing Life on ABCFamily #ABCFamilyEvent

Mary Page Keller (Sara) quotes and facts:

  • Mary Page Keller has a 17 and 20 year old, so she know all about being a mom.
  • “I am happy to hear that people are disavowed at this idea that is a very heavy show.  It is very relatable.  There is a positive glass half full way the show is written.”
  • “There are times when I am reading along with the script, and I think about how I would respond in real life.”
  • “My character thought, I am going to be a strong rock for her to cry on.  But then she thought, who’s shoulder am I going to cry on?”
  • “I have to be available to whatever is happening in the moment while reading the script by not front loading with any information.”
  • Mary Page is working on getting her sons applications for college ready.
  • Her husband is a writer for the show Grimm, and she was also a writer for that show before becoming part of the cast in Chasing Life.

Thank you Italia, Hayley and Mary Page for taking the time to chat with us!

A Chat with the Chasing Life Cast from ABC Family #ABCFamilyEvent

Watch Chasing Life on Tuesday’s on ABC Family!

On tonights all new episode-  With only a few days left before April has to check herself into the hospital for aggressive chemotherapy, April is determined to live as normal a life as ever. But as she has to deal with Leo drama, Beth falling apart, and trying to live under the hovering eye of Sarah, April quickly learns that nothing will ever be “normal” for her.

Meanwhile, Brenna tries to juggle time with Kieran and Greer.

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