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Take a Walk on the Wild Side with CLAWZ Shoes Plus Coupon

We received the product below for the purpose of review.   Thoughts and opinions are my own.

A good shoe to keep around for B has always been the  slip-on style colorful molded shoes.  They are super comfortable, easy for him to put on, and are perfect to keep in his baseball bag to put on after his games.  Well this year we decided to have him take a walk on the wild side with a pair of CLAWZ shoes instead!  CLAWZ have the same great comfort and ease of use of use, but there is something even more special about them, they have claws!

Take a Walk on the Wild Side with Clawz Shoes and Coupon Code!

Clawz  slip-on shoes comes in fluorescent colors shaped like animal claws. They are made with comfortable material that both repels odor and molds to the shape of your foot as you wear them.  And with a variety of colors including  lime, orange, black, blue, pink and white, there is a color for everyone.  Kids, teens, and even adults can wear them making wearing these shoes a fun adventure with every step you take no matter what age.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side with Clawz Shoes and Coupon Code!

When B first saw his pair of Clawz Shoes he could not believe his eyes!  He was so excited to put them on and run around outside.  He stomped and roared and had tons of fun.  He even noticed that the shoes made animal footprints in the dirt, which made them even cooler.  They are perfect for indoor and outdoor play, trips to the park, and even the splash pad!  When we are out and about and he is wearing them other moms always stop and ask us where we got his shoes.  They are always such a hit!

Take a Walk on the Wild Side with Clawz Shoes and Coupon Code!

Do you know someone that would love to take a walk on the wild side?! Buy them a pair of Clawz Shoes!!


Purchase them online using my special CLAWZ shoes coupon code to get 30% off your order!  $29.99 becomes $9 off or $20.99, and $24.99 gets $7.50 off or $17.50. Free shipping on orders over $45. Expires May 20.

Clawz Shoes Coupon Code: Baybah30



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  1. Ha! My boys would LOVE these! Super fun!

  2. Oh my goodness – I LOVE it! Baybah looks so excited about his new shows. I think my Maggie would absolutely love these shoes too. Besides just everyday use, I bet they’d be great beach shoes too!

    Running over to check out their site now – thanks for the coupon code too!

  3. Those look like fun! I’m sure even my girls would wear them, if they had them in pink or purple =P

  4. Oh my gosh – adorable! How cute is your son in them too? You can tell he likes them. The Clawz would be great for the beach too.

  5. These are so cute. Both my older kids would get a kick out of wearing these. So cute

  6. lol!!! These look like so much fun!! Where are the ones for mom!!!

  7. How fun are those shoes!! My boys would love them!!

  8. My son would love these shoes!

  9. What a fun pair of shoes!! My son would enjoy these. Thanks for the coupon code!

  10. Cute shoes! My nephew would love them!

  11. These are adorable!

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