Create Your Monsters University Alter Ego

Create Your Monsters University Alter Ego #MonstersUPremiere

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I’m attending an expense paid trip by Disney to the Monsters University Premiere, all opinions are 100% my own.

Wondered what your Monsters University alter ego looks like?  Well Disney/ Pixar has made it easy to find out!  Create your own monster using the app on!

Monsers University Monster Create Your Monsters University Alter Ego #MonstersUPremiere

Just choose your monster, color, and then have fun customizing it by adding fun accessories like horns, hair, and wings!  They will even generate a name for your monster using your first name and last initial!  Are your ready to see mine?!  I have to admit, I am kind of in love with her!

Introducing, Lolo McNaughton, my Monsters University Alter Ego!

Create your own Monsters University Monster Create Your Monsters University Alter Ego #MonstersUPremiere


She even has her very own badge!  Will it be me at the Premiere next week or Lolo McNaughton? Follow the hashtag #MonstersUPremiere on twitter to find out!   Create-A-Monster

monster Create Your Monsters University Alter Ego #MonstersUPremiere

Monsters University releases in theaters on June 21!

 Create Your Monsters University Alter Ego #MonstersUPremiere
Lauren is the owner and writer for Crazy About My Baybah. She is a mom that is crazy about her family, art, photography, getting fit, Disney, and living in Las Vegas.


  1. How cute, I have to go get mine.

  2. Bwahaha, I love yours! Now I have to go make mine :)

  3. How fun! My boys are going to love this.

  4. That’s cute! I wonder what “I” will look like.

  5. What a cute monster you are! Off to make one of my own.

  6. Now that is such a fun thing to do. I have my real MU student ID, but this is just so fun!

  7. I want a Monster Me! My kids would say I’m already a monster! hahaha

  8. This is adorable I will have to do this with my daughter tonight.

  9. Super cute!

  10. How cute. I have to do this with my kids. They are obsessed with squishy!

  11. LOL, I love your monster! Now I’m wondering which one I am…

  12. haha that’s awesome. Have fun at the movie, I can’t wait to see this.

  13. Ah, your monster is so cute! I’m going to go make mine. :)

  14. Haha… Lolo is pretty dang cute… not scary at all.

  15. this is so cute!

  16. This is just so fun!

  17. Heehee, well aren’t you just too cute for words :)

  18. haha. how cute. I get to see an early screening on Monday! I cannot wait!

  19. I can see why you love her. Those glasses are fantastic!

  20. Lol Love it how fun

  21. That is so cute! I am excited to hear about your trip!

  22. Oh man this is adorable! I know Shane’s going to want to make new ones over & over.

  23. That’s so fun! I want one ;)

  24. That’s so cute! I need to go do that.

  25. Hehe, I’m TerriAnn Venomseed :P It was so fun making one – thanks for the heads up!

  26. I’m going to take some time and create a monster with each of my kids before we go see the movie in theaters in just a couple of weeks. I know they’ll really enjoy this!

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