DIY Ornaments | Swirled Ornament Tutorial
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DIY Ornaments | Swirled Ornament Tutorial

swirled ornament tutorial

I am so excited to show you one of my favorite DIY ornaments, Swirled Ornaments. They are so easy to make, and are perfect for gift giving or your own tree!  I have been making these for years, and they turn out perfect every time!

Clear Christmas Ornaments
Acrylic Paint
diy christmas ornaments

1. Take off the cap of the bulb and drip in your colors of choice. I like to drip the colors into the ornament in a pattern. For example, red, white, red, white. You get the idea.

diy ornaments

2. Lay your ornament on its side back in the container that it was purchased in. Every hour or when you remember, turn the ornament slightly so that the paint covers the inside of the bulb entirely. I did this the entire day off and on, until I was satisfied with how it looked.

christmas ornaments

3. Turn the bulb with the opening down into the container. This helps get all of the excess paint out. I then turn it right side up to let the paint inside dry.

christmas ornaments

4. Once it is dry, add on the cap, and your are ready to hang it on your tree. You can add a ribbon around the cap too to make it even more festive!

Diy Ornament

I hope you enjoyed my Swirled Ornaments Tutorial!


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  1. Marvelous Mommy says:

    I LOVE those!! Very neat!!

  2. 618mom22boys says:

    This is so cool!
    And thanks for the last day bonus!

  3. Oh I love these!! They would be fun to make too when kiddos are older!!

  4. how cute is that!!! LOVE IT! I wanna make some of these right now :)

  5. awesome idea i love it!! i want to do that!

    New follower
    My last post

  6. LOVE THIS IDEA! In fact I am thinking if I can make it to Vegas this weekend I will be hitting Joanns again to buy supplies!

  7. Jennifer E says:

    i used to have a pile of these! You can swirl them in one sitting, if you’re time-crunched, and if you’re doing them with a group, drain them into paper cups – easy to carry home.

  8. We made these last year with my niece and nephew, it was a lot of fun!

  9. Very nice and something the kids can help with.

  10. These are so cool!

  11. Those are very neat!

  12. Those came out nice :)

  13. Very neat!

  14. That turned out great! Love it!

  15. How neat. I totally want to try this.

  16. This is an awesome tutorial, but I am way too lazy to ever even try this LOL. I’d rather pay someone money to make it for me :)

  17. I used some of my leftover wall paint from my living room year before last and did this. I have several ornaments that match my walls perfectly. They really turned out nicely. :)

  18. You just made me realize that I bought the ornaments and supplies years ago for that exact craft. Why haven’t I done it yet?

  19. That is beautiful!

  20. Oh wow, those are super pretty!!

  21. I think I have a box of 12 clear ornaments and some paint left over from projects what a great idea

  22. how cool. How long does it take to dry though? You said “turn it every hour” so I’m assuming it can take a long time to dry..

    • I let them dry overnight.

      It depends on how mixed you want the colors to be when turning them. The more you turn them before they dry, the more the colors will blend together. HTH!

  23. those are so cute. I had a friend that gave those to us one year.

  24. Very pretty! I never would have thought to do this, but it makes them so much more sentimental and they look so nice.

  25. Oh, I love these! I always wondered how to do this. Thank you!

  26. I love how easy these are! My kids would get a kick out of selecting their own personal color combos too.

  27. How cool! This will be fun to do with the kids when they are a little older.

  28. That looks so easy and turned out so pretty.

  29. Absolutely beautiful!!

  30. Karen Gray says:

    Great idea! Looks easy as pie!! Thanks

  31. Those are very cool! I love making ornaments

  32. Hot cool is that! I’m going to Micheals and will have to pick up some items to make this.

  33. So pretty!

  34. This is too cute dot com. Love it.

  35. What a fun and easy project! Those would make great gifts!

  36. Those are so cool, I think I will let the boys make some of these.

  37. That is awesome!

  38. Wow! These look really cool!


  39. You can also use shaved crayon put it in there get a blow dryer and heat it turn the last 10 minutes and it would do just as good and it’s really cool

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