Dave Bautista Drax |Muscle with Heart in Guardians of the Galaxy
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Dave Bautista as Drax | Muscle with Heart in Guardians of the Galaxy

I participated in the #GuardiansofTheGalaxyEvent thanks to Marvel/Disney. Opinions are my own. 

 Dave Bautista plays Drax the Destroyer in Guardians of the Galaxy.  His character is muscle with heart, just like he is in person.    I am excited to share with you our interview with Dave including his favorite moment from filming. I know we all hope it makes it to the outakes on the DVD! Read on to learn more about Dave Bautista and his character Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy!

Dave Bautista is Drax - Muscle with Heart in Guardians of the Galaxy #GuardiansoftheGalaxyEvent

How much of your WWE training did you use for this movie?

None, none at all. Being athletic helped.  It’s just so different from anything that I’d ever done before.  We had really good stunt guys and kinda relied on them for their advice.  They showed me how to do stuff.   I’d mess it up and they’d say, well, try it this way if it’s easier.   I’d just do it and do it until I picked up on it.

How long did it take to apply and take off your makeup?

It typically took about four hours to apply and about an hour and a half to take off.  But it varied.  When we first started, it was longer to put it on; longer to take it off.  But toward the end of the film, it was about three hours, actually, to put on- an hour to take off.

What attracted you most to the role of Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy?

It was because he’s a nut job.  It’s because I’ve been wanting a role thats kinda multi-layered,  a character with a little bit of an emotional range. It is something that I needed for my career.  I think people have a certain perception of me after leaving wrestling.  They just saw me as that guy, and I’m really not that guy at all.

Dave Bautista is Drax - Muscle with Heart in Guardians of the Galaxy #GuardiansoftheGalaxyEvent

What’s it like taking on the role of an iconic hero?  And were you a fan growing up?

I had no idea who they were before I got this role.  I had absolutely no idea. It’s just really starting to hit me now how big it really is.  When we started doing press last week, and were in Singapore, and  hundreds and hundreds of people showed up,  not only to talk to you, but to see you,  and they’re already in support of this film which hasn’t come out, you know how big it is. It’s pretty overwhelming.

Did you have any comic book heroes growing up?

I always feel guilty when I’m asked this question because, I’m a Marvel guy, but Batman was my guy.  I have the whole Dark Knight series.   When I was a very young kid, for some reason, Aquaman was my favorite.  I always feel bad answering, that’s the honest answer.

How did this role compare with your expectations of what it would be like?

I really didn’t have any expectations,  it’s just kinda starting to hit me how big it actually is.   I knew that the role would change my career and change my life.  I’ve been really pounding the pavement for years since I left wrestling. It was hard for me to leave wrestling because that was my bread and butter.  That’s how I made a living for ten years.  It was scary leaving it behind.  I took a chance on myself and was just hoping for the best.

Dave Bautista is Drax - Muscle with Heart in Guardians of the Galaxy #GuardiansoftheGalaxyEvent

Do you spend as much time in the gym as you would like to?

That’s so funny, I actually,  don’t spend as much time in the gym as you think.  I do a lot of martial arts and I’m a very avid cyclist.  When I was driving in today and saw that there was a gym on the lot, I asked if there was any chance I could use that gym?    It’s just something that I just love to do.  Going to the gym is more of mental thing with me because it’s kind of a stress relief,  like a therapy for me.

Did you have a hard time keeping a straight face with some of your lines?

It wasn’t so much my lines, it was, it was more like Chris, Chris is so funny.  It’s really hard to keep a straight face with that guy around, especially when he’s just says stuff that’s off the cuff. There was lots of laughs. There were times we were literally crying; we were laughing so hard.

What was your most memorable moment while filming?

There was one day where James Gunn, I think for his own amusement, decided to make, the whole cast and crew dance.  I don’t want to give any spoilers away right now, but it is the part where Star Lord was bent on distracting Ronan and was doing a dance.  Chris started doing his thing, and then he pointed to Ronan, and Ronan started dancing.   I wasn’t aware of what was going on.  I had no idea.  I was watching him and I thought, okay,  that’s Lee.  He’s messing around.  But then he point back to Chris, and then Chris pointed to me, and I was like, oh no.  So I did a goofy dance, and then I pointed back to him.  I could hear James laughing in the background, and he says, “Extras, start dancing!” And literally, it turned into three hundred people dancing.  It turned into a big rave.  It was hysterical.

Dave Bautista is Drax - Muscle with Heart in Guardians of the Galaxy #GuardiansoftheGalaxyEvent

What do you hope audiences take away from your character?

I think when people see Drax, they automatically think that he’s going to be a one-noted character, the type of character thats good for is fighting and chopping people’s heads off.    The way I approached the character was no as a warrior, but more as a father and a husband.   I hope that people will see that all of his rage comes from heartbreak, and not so much on being hell bent on cutting people’s heads off.  He’s really just heartbroken over the loss of his family.

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  Dave Bautista is Drax - Muscle with Heart in Guardians of the Galaxy #GuardiansoftheGalaxyEvent


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