DreamWorks' Delivery Man Official Trailer Debut
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DreamWorks’ Delivery Man Official Trailer Debut #DeliveryManMovie

As we all know, life does not always turn out the way we planned it.  For David Wozniak played by Vince Vaugn life has slipped noticeably off the track.  Then he finds out some news, some BIG news, that changes his life.  In 1994 he donated anonymously to a fertility clinic and somehow there was a mix up.  He is now the father of 533 children. David then sets out on a journey of self discovery to help his children and to discover the man he was meant to be.  I am excited to share with you the Delivery Man Official Trailer Debut along with 532 other bloggers!

Delivery Man Official Trailer Debut #DeliveryManMovie

Delivery Man Official Trailer

This looks like it is going to be a feel good hit for Thanksgiving movie goers.  I love the message that our traditional concept of family is not always what you expect.  Family comes in all shapes and sizes.   And with Vince Vaughn, you know there will be laughs involved!  Delivery Man also stars one of my favorite actresses, Cobie Smulders as Vince Vaughn’s girlfriend in the movie.  I am so excited to see their chemistry together on the big screen!

Delivery Man opens in theaters everywhere on November 22nd!

 Delivery Man Official Trailer #DeliveryManMovie

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  1. I can tell I’m gonna love this movie

  2. This movie looks like it’s going to be amazing! 500 Kids! Can’t wait to see it!

  3. I enjoy Vince Vaughn, so I know I’m gonna like this movie. :)

  4. I can’t wait to see this!

  5. I think this is going to be such a cute movie!

  6. I just can’t imagine any actor better suited for 533 kids than Vince. Ha!

  7. This movie looks hilarious, I can’t wait to see it.

  8. so exciting isnt’ it I can’t wait

  9. Just think what would happen if this was someone you really knew!

  10. I cannot wait to see this movie, it looks like it is going to be heart warming yet funny. Love that combo in a movie.

  11. This is going on my list! Love Vince Vaughn!

  12. Oh so funny. I will definitely try to watch that movie.

  13. I love Vince Vaughn and this movie looks so good.

  14. This looks like a great movie!

  15. This movie looks so funny!

  16. I love Vince Vaughn!

  17. I love Vince Vaughn and what an interesting movie story. La, 533 children?

  18. I can’t get over the 500 plus children. Yikes.

  19. Okay, I love this even more than the Mary Poppins one!

  20. I love Vince Vaughn so I can’t wait to see this one!

  21. I can’t wait to see this.

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