My Disney Planes Dottie Voice Over
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My Disney Planes Dottie Voice Over | #DisneyPlanesEvent

One of the coolest experiences about the Disney Planes Event was being able to get in the sound studio and voice Dottie from Planes!

Voicin Dottie from Disney Planes #DisneyPlanesEvent

First, Jason Henkel the Casting Director from Planes told us a little bit how casting for animations work!  As the script starts coming together for a film they cast a table read to hear the script out loud and to hear how the story is coming together.  Then they work with the Director and to start looking for the cast.   They consider things like is the characters sex, voice type, and age.  Because the movie has an international cast, they had a cool opportunity to get actors from all over the world!

  Dottie Voice Over from Disney Planes #DisneyPlanesEvent

Jason also told us that there is two ways people audition to be part of the voice cast.  They either came to the studio to audition with dialogue from the film or casting will pull audio reference from their other work to see if their voice fits the character.    When the voice is right, things just sort of click.  Jason said, the voice should sound like it should be coming out of that character.

Once the cast for Planes was decided, they came to DisneyToon Studios to record their lines.  The studio also used their IS10 capabilities to record International talent that were not able to make it there in person.   They each had to say each lines 3 times and sometimes were asked to come back to the studio to read a line again.

My Disney Planes Dottie Voice Over

Now it was our turn to give it a try!  Each of us got to voice Terri Hatcher’s character Dottie speaking to Dusty, voiced by Dane Cook. When it was my turn and I walked into the sound booth where all of the voice actors from Planes recorded their lines and got SOO nervous!  Thankfully Sound Engineer George Thompson, Jason, and the entire team walked me through the process.

My Disney Planes Dottie Voice Over!

Here is a clip of me recording in the studio.  The first time I read the lines I was saying them with Teri Hatcher also saying her lines through my headphones.  The second time is just me, and what they recorded.  It is definitely harder than I thought it would be.

This is the final clip!  So unbelievably cool!  I think I did pretty well for my first time voicing an animation!  What do you think?

Disney’s Planes races into theaters on August, 9th!

Disney provided me with an all expense trip to learn about Planes.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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