Disney's FROZEN DVD | The Bond of Two Sisters #FROZENfun
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Disney’s FROZEN DVD | The Bond of Two Sisters #FROZENfun

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When I was 5 and found out that my mom was pregnant I prayed for a baby sister.  I wanted to have tea parties with her, play dress up, and paint her finger nails.  The day that my mom went into labor, I could not wait to find out if my prayers had been answered.   And to my excitement, they were!  She was an adorable little baby girl.  I remember seeing her for the first time at the hospital and thinking I could not believe that she is really here, my very own baby sister.  Even though we were so young, I knew that we already had a special bond.  It reminds me of the love and  bond between sisters, Anna and Elsa in Disney’s FROZEN, and is one of the main reasons I enjoy the film.

Disney's Frozen | The Bond of Two Sisters #FrozenFun #Frozen

Anna and Elsa’s relationship was tested throughout the movie. They find that only the true act of love that comes from the bond of sisterhood could save their relationship and each other.   Although there were times growing up that I wished I could cast a spell on my sister, I couldn’t imagine life without her.   We have shared special moments with each other like birthday celebrations, graduations, going to each others swim meets, etc.  But it was the unplanned moments that I will always cherish most. Such as, staying up way past our bed time giggling and sharing stories to supporting each other along the way with friendship and loves lost and gained. The bond between sisters is very unique. Elsa found that love is a powerful gift and is able to heal Anna with her selflessness. Although my sister and I have never encountered such a tragic storyline I know that we would both make any sacrifice in order to save the other.

Disney's Frozen | The Bond of Two Sisters  #DisneyFrozen #FrozenFun

Now that I have children of my own I can only wish, hope and pray that they too will understand and honor the gift of a sibling.

Disney's Frozen | The Bond of Two Sisters #FrozenFun #DisneyFrozen

The FROZEN DVD was released March 18 so we headed to Walmart for our own copy and got a great deal!  Right now it is marked down from $16.96 to $14.96!  You can get an even better deal if you use the $5 off coupon from specially marked packages of Eggo Waffles (24 count)!

Disney's FROZEN | The Bond of Two Sisters #FROZENfun

We also wanted to check out the FROZEN merchandise to see if they had an Olaf stuffed animal for B and an Elsa doll for Miss B. On our way to the toy section we found a huge display filled with FROZEN books! B picked his favorites including two Golden Books and a special book with Elsa’s wand!  He said he wanted to give that book to his cousin Sweet Pea!

Disney's FROZEN | The Bond of Two Sisters #FROZENfun

Once we got to the toy section we ended up getting a couple of toys for B’s friends from school.   We figured they were a perfect Birthday gift for little girls his age!  The Magical Palace is awesome because the palace actually lights up and has characters Elsa and Olaf.  The Flip n’ Switch Castle comes with Anna dressed in her signature cape.

Disney's FROZEN | The Bond of Two Sisters #FROZENfun

Follow the hashtag #FROZENFun to see what others think about their FROZEN DVD and Disney products. #CollectiveBias

Who is your favorite character from Disney’s FROZEN and why?!


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  1. I never really got along with my sister & still don’t, but my boys are best friends and that makes me happy!

  2. What a cute way to relate Frozen to your own life. I literally love this movie. I sometimes zone out when it comes to children’s films, but not this one. My mother-in-law has bought it for our boys. We’ll see her tonight, and I can’t wait to watch it again!

  3. Those are some great toys! I have a younger brother that irritated me to DEATH. It took him almost 30 years to grow up! Red’s still an only, and he might stay that way!

  4. I love all of your pics! I am the oldest of 5 children. I remember the excitement awaiting my siblings’ arrival each time. I can’t wait to watch Frozen with my grandkids soon. We haven’t seen it yet.

  5. I love the bond between siblings. I have four and they’re all very closer and that makes me very, very happy.

  6. I haven’t seen Frozen yet, but I have heard so much about it that I feel like I have! I already know the entire story and hear kids singing it every where I go!

  7. Sometimes it makes me sad to think about my daughter not having any siblings. Although I know that having siblings for the sack of giving her siblings is a really dumb idea. However, I grew up with 2 brothers and loved having brothers even though they drove me crazy, a LOT! haha

    The Frozen movie was really cute and one of the better Disney movies they have come out with in a while I think.

  8. This is such a sweet post! I still haven’t seen Frozen yet but I’ll have to watch it with my daughter soon. She will probably love it!

  9. I never wished that I had a sister until I had 2 little girls. Their relationship with each other must be wonderful to be a part of. :)

  10. We loved the movie Frozen and Olaf in particular. At Christmas, I bought my daughter a talking Olaf. When I was leaving Walmart with the talking Olaf, I was walking out behind this man and we were the only 2 people in the parking lot. All the sudden the Olaf doll said “My legs, I can’t feel my legs” The guy turned and looked at me like he was concerned. Then it said “I like warm hugs” and the guy looked at me like I was crazy! :)

  11. I love when bloggers share a little about themselves and post old photos. We are watching FROZEN right now. It has been on repeat for 2 days now. I needed to go out and buy the kids some fun things FROZEN related.

  12. What a beautiful post. I really enjoyed this especially since I have a similar relationship with my sister. We are only 1 1/2 years apart.

    I will have to catch this movie on Netflix. Even though my kids are grown it seems like something I might enjoy watching.

  13. My girls love this movie! I loved seeing your pictures with your sister.

  14. I love the photos you shared!!! We are watching frozen right now :)

  15. This was such a sweet post! I loved seeing the photos you shared. I hope my kids stay close always.

  16. My brother became much closer later in life. I really hope we have a second child so my son can experience the fun of having a sibling. (I’ve never seen Frozen. I know. Shocking.)

  17. We loved Elsa when she made the big ice castle and transformed into a beautiful snow queen. We also liked Olaf, he was super funny.

  18. This post makes me want a sister :-)

  19. I never knew that you were so excited to have a sister when I was born. I love you and love the stories we share. Thank you for being you. Thank you for all the love and support you have always given and continue to give. It’s funny how those days of us driving each other nuts seem to erase and all those good times become that much more special. I’m thrilled that your little ones get to experience this great gift of having a sibling. And for goodness sakes I can’t wait to see Frozen already with my little!!! It comes tomorrow and we can’t wait!!!!

  20. My girls can’t wait to watch Frozen! We should be watching it this weekend. I have them convinced they are princesses… and they love Disney… Love the pics of you when you were little; same beautiful smile.

  21. I’ll bet they’re fast friends for life. My two are so close and almost have a special language between them. :) I’m looking forward to seeing Frozen.

  22. I posted along the exact same lines about my sister. And I’m so glad my girls have three sisters, too…so hopefully, if they aren’t getting along with one, they might with another:)

  23. There is nothing like the love between siblings. Adorable kiddos you have and Frozen is great bonding movie for kids and kids at heart.

  24. I always wanted a sister. I had my best friend which is kind of the same thing. :)

  25. I love that you have such a great sisterly bond. I have 2 that I don’t get along with at all. However, I still love Frozen! Olaf is my favorite character. He had us laughing through every one of his parts!

  26. My sisters, who are much younger than me, bond over Frozen. Especially the one who is essentially a replica of me when I was her age LOL

  27. I loved Frozen and the relationship between Anna and Elsa. My favorite character would have to be Olaf. So bright and fun.

  28. havent seen that movie yet. Hey, a Steelers fan-just like us!

  29. Frozen is one of my favorite movies! I love Anna and Elsa, but my favorite character is Kristoff. :-) It looks like you found a lot of cute gifts!

  30. I have a sister as well, but I don’t really get along with her. But this is such a sweet post :) You’re lucky you have a sister you can relate to/with.

  31. As someone extremely close to her sister, it is the key reason I fell in love with Frozen! I sure hope my beautiful girls have the same sisterly bond.

  32. Frozen is by far my favorite Disney movie. I loved it! It is wonderful that you have a strong sisterly bond.

  33. Such a sweet connection with your sister! :) Thanks for sharing! #client

  34. I don’t have any sisters, but it sounds like you have such a great relationship with yours.

  35. That is sweet! I have an older sister that I get along with well, yet we’ve had our fair share of ups and downs like an other siblings. Meanwhile, my oldest sister (50) is a different story. I’m not sure what her issue is, even though I treat her nice. ~lol~

  36. I was the baby sister. The closest I got to a younger sibling was when my nephew was born when I was 10. My sister lived with us with him. My daughter was so super excited, like you, to have a new baby sister with Quinn.

    We love Frozen in our house.

  37. For me, that was such a beautiful part of this movie :)

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