Disney's Frozen Movie Review
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Disney’s Frozen is this Holidays Must See Film #DisneyFrozen

We saw an early screening of Disney’s Frozen for the purpose of review. Thoughts and opinions are my own.

Disney Frozen Review #DisneyFrozen #MoviePoster

Disney’s fantastic new animated film Frozen  tells us it is ok to come in from the cold this Holiday season.  Based on the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale, the Snow Queen, the film has a modern feel thanks to a dozen or more fabulous new songs. The music is relied upon to further the plot and develop the characters and Disney Studios delivers.

Disney Frozen Review #DisneyFrozen #Elsa

Disney Frozen Review #DisneyFrozen #Anna

Frozen is reminiscent of films like the Lion King and Beauty & the Beast.  When you combine those qualities to the newer more cg animation style you have the recipe for a mega Christmas blockbuster. The basis for the storyline may have originated in 1845 but the problems that the characters face are the same problems kids go through today.   Elsa (voice of Idina Menzel) is forced to hide her terrible affliction.  What complicates matters even more is that she is a princess who is one day to be queen.   Anna (voice of Kristen Bell) is her lonely but outgoing sister who doesn’t understand why Elsa is shutting her out.  Talk about feeling out of place and like you do not belong.  Anna and Elsa along with a unique cast of characters have to resolve things with each other and the kingdom as a whole.

Disney Frozen Review #DisneyFrozen #Olaf

The character that was most lovable and provided much needed comic relief from an otherwise serious storyline was Olaf the snowman (voice of Josh Gad).  He delivers an endless stream of one liners while showing he has a warm heart for a snowman.

Disney Frozen Review #DisneyFrozen #Marshmallow

There is something for everyone in this movie with tremendous action sequences,  wonderful musical numbers, serious drama, and lots of laughs. In the end Frozen feels like a movie you have never seen before while at the same time seeming like a Disney movie you have not seen in years.

 Disney’s Frozen is in theaters now!


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  1. This was a great movie and I can’t wait to watch it again!

  2. I have heard nothing but great reviews about this Disney movie!

  3. My boys LOVED this movie! My dad got a big kick out of it too!

  4. We’re planning on taking my nephews to see this when they come visit Christmas week. My 7 year old nephew is so excited.

  5. My daughter can’t get enough of this movie.

  6. My son wants to see this so bad. :)

  7. My son is completely obsessed with this movie- and I kind of am too! We saw it on Thanksgiving but I think we’re going to see it one more time while it’s in theaters.

  8. I have got to get the boys out to see this, it looks fantastic!

  9. We missed this screening due to our very busy schedules but I really wanted to see this movie, and still plan to as a family. It looks adorable!

  10. I’ve heard the best things about this movie.

  11. I honestly can not wait to see this I’ve heard so many people raving about it!

  12. I hope to see this soon since it is coming out on DVD next month!

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