Inside DisneyToon Studios | Wordless Wednesday #DisneyPlanesEvent

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I thought I would share with you some fun pictures from inside DisneyToon Studios, the very studio that they made Planes and are currently making Planes 2!  We were able to spend the day there after the Monsters University Premiere to preview Planes, interview voice talent, and meet some of the artists involved in making Planes!

DisneyToon Studios 1024x768 Inside DisneyToon Studios | Wordless Wednesday #DisneyPlanesEvent

As soon as we walked into the studio we saw a runway that lead up to an image of the stars of Planes, Dusty, Skipper, Dottie, Chug and Roper!

Disney Planes 1024x768 Inside DisneyToon Studios | Wordless Wednesday #DisneyPlanesEvent

Disney Planes Runway 1024x768 Inside DisneyToon Studios | Wordless Wednesday #DisneyPlanesEvent

Each side of the runway had banners hanging of other stars of the movie!  You could not help but feel the excitement for Planes!

Planes Banners 1024x652 Inside DisneyToon Studios | Wordless Wednesday #DisneyPlanesEvent

Talk about a grand entrance!  There was also a sign that reminded me so much of Cars and the entrance to Cars Land in Disneyland that said, “Welcome to Propwash Junction.”  Propwash Junction is where Dusty from Planes is from!

Disney Planes Propwash Junction 1024x785 Inside DisneyToon Studios | Wordless Wednesday #DisneyPlanesEvent

I could not help but think maybe they will make room in California Adventure for a Propwash Junction too!

Planes DisneyToons Studios Inside DisneyToon Studios | Wordless Wednesday #DisneyPlanesEvent

Stay tuned for more on Disney’s Planes and my review of the movie in August!

 Inside DisneyToon Studios | Wordless Wednesday #DisneyPlanesEvent
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  1. It’s very cool to be able to visit the DisneyToon Studios

  2. Love the planes runway LOL!

  3. How awesome!!!! My kids are stoked about this movie!

  4. What a cool experience! Can’t wait to see Planes.

  5. Carolyn G says:

    WOO! Looks like a blast

  6. Looks like you had a blast.

    Our whole family is looking forward to seeing Planes.

  7. So much fun! Can’t wait for this one!

  8. That is so cool!

  9. How fun! My kids would really enjoy that!

  10. Very cool. My daughter is so excited about this movie!!

  11. How fun, looks like a great movie!

  12. Whoa! That is flipping awesome! I would be so stoked to be there, I bet you had a blast!

  13. You got some great photos!!! This was such a fun day, so glad to have met you on the trip! :)

  14. What a fabulous opportunity! We are so excited to see Planes next month. I bet your kids were totally jealous!

  15. We are so excited about this movie! The kids are glad it comes out just before school starts again!

  16. We can’t wait to see this movie!

  17. I bet your son thinks (or will as he gets older) your the coolest mom evah! I know mine would. :)

  18. so neat! I would love to go to Disney studios. Especially while I am still in Southern California.

  19. From all the trailers I’ve seen Planes will very much have a “Cars” feel to it, which should make it a hit with all those young boys!

  20. This movie looks like it’s going to rock!

  21. What an amazing experience! We can’t wait for this movie!

  22. What fun, can’t wait for Planes

  23. I can’t wait to see this movie. It looks so cute.

  24. How lucky are you! You get to do all these fun things with Disney.

  25. I love how Disney always goes all out in their offices for their upcoming movies. That has to be so inspirational for the people working on the film!

  26. What an experience. How neat to be able to get an insider’s look at movies.

  27. What an awesome experience! I can’t wait to see this film.

  28. WOW – that is so incredibly cool! The movie looks like a lot of fun and I can’t wait to take the kids to it. :)

  29. I saw the trailer of Planes while I was watching a movie the other night, and I think the trailer was the most exciting part of the trip! I look forward to seeing this one.

  30. How cool is this! My nephews are so excited about the movie.

  31. My son is really looking forward to seeing this. :)

  32. Oh my goodness, what an amazing event. I know the Little and myself would have been over the moon to visit the Studios.

  33. So glad my little boy isn’t awake right now or I’d be hearing, “Mommy, I need to go THERE!”.

  34. What an AMAZING event! I love the runway!

  35. I like how they did the floor like a landing strip.

  36. OMG how cool!

  37. I can’t wait to see this film. It looks so cute.

  38. You’re so mucky! What a wonderful experience!

  39. Lucky, sorry!

  40. Looks like truly amazing experience. I would love to be able to visit one day myself.

  41. That looks like a whole lot of fun!

  42. Very cool! My kids are super excited about Planes!

  43. So fun. Sad I had to miss that one :(

  44. That looks so fun! You clearly had a blast!

  45. What an AMAZING experience!!! (I get to see PLANES next week! I can’t wait!)

  46. What an awesome experience!!

  47. How cool is this!

  48. Looks like you had a great time!

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