DIY Christmas Gift Tags Tutorial
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DIY Christmas Gift Tags Tutorial

I love to make Christmas packages pretty with Christmas gift tags.  They are not difficult to make and can really add a little something to your presents.

DIY christmas gift tags

Supplies Needed:

  • Green Cardstock
  • Christmas Cardstock (I used scrap pieces)
  • Ribbon (I used Red)
  • Ink (I used black)
  • Brads
  • Stapler
  • Scissors
  • Letter or word tag embellishment (like letter/word stickers/rubon/stamps
  • Tag traced from cardboard

You could cut your tags out on a diecut machine but I wanted to show you how to make this with out any fancy equipment.  Start by tracing a tag design onto a piece of cardboard.

Cut out the tag and use it to trace a bunch of tags onto some green cardstock.

Using an ink pad, ink all the edges of the tags.

Now grab a piece of your Christmas paper and cut it to the height of the tag.  Mentally imagine about half the width of the tag and start ripping the paper towards yourself.  You need to rip the paper towards yourself so you can see the white “core” of the paper underneath.  If you rip the other way you won’t get this same effect.  Here let me show you what I mean

See how the paper is about half the width of the tag.  Also see how I am ripping it towards myself.  That makes it so you can see the white rip underneath.  I think this gives the tag a little texture.

On the bottom of your piece of paper fold over the corner and add a brad.

Adhere the strip of Christmas paper to your tag.  I use double sided tape.  Trim the top to match the tag and the ink the edges where the strip of Christmas paper now is ( I think I forgot to do the inking part on this tag – oops).

Cut a piece of ribbon and staple it onto the tag.

Add a word sticker or use letters to write a message.


Write your To/From and a little message on the back of the tag. These tags can be made up rather quickly, are very cute and are perfect for the holidays.  Now go and make some pretty gift tags!

Gift tag tutorial


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