Our Easter Ham | Easter Bunny Pics - Wordless Wednesday
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Our Easter Ham | Wordless Wednesday

Easter Bunny

Eyeing up the Easter Bunny

Picking My Nose

Digging for gold

Toddler Sticking Out His Tongue

A little sass

Hey, at least he sat with the Easter Bunny this year!  Such an Easter Ham.

I hope you and your family had a wonderful weekend.  I know we did!

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  1. lol. That’s hilarious! :)

  2. SO cute! That’s how we ended up with a picture of Shane actually smiling with Santa this year- he was actually just sitting there picking his nose until we started saying “EEW!” & it made him giggle & they shot the picture! lol

  3. LOL…I love it!

  4. Hilarious!!! I love it! Happy Wednesday :-)

  5. Lol, thanks for the laugh!

  6. Too funny!

  7. haha, so fun!

  8. I love that he’s keeping his distance. Total little boy in those pictures, he still looks so Cute!

  9. That first photo is so adorable!

  10. LOL he is too cute!!

  11. Adorable!

  12. C still wanted NO part of the Easter Bunny this year. Thanks for sharing your super cute photos.

  13. Great that your little one did get to take pictures with the Easter bunny. We didn’t have any Easter bunnies around this year to take photos with.

  14. Oh, I love that EB. We didn’t do EB this year…my son is getting to old so enjoy it while you can.

  15. He is so funny!

  16. LOL!! Those are great!

  17. hehehe!!! typical kid, get your finger up there any chance you get!!

  18. Those were the BEST Easter pictures I’ve seen this year! I love it!!!

  19. Ha ha ha, what a cutie.

  20. I love the sass! And the Easter Bunny’s posture is making me laugh!

  21. Precious! Great pics!

  22. LOL that is toof unny!

  23. Totally digging how the bunny is just chilling!

  24. Such cuteness! What is it with boys and fingers up their nose? lol

  25. Love these photos! He’s adorable and they made me smile :))


  26. Yay for Easter bunny time!

  27. Zippy Sandler says:

    What a cutie patootie. Love the pic of him looking up at the Easter Bunny.

  28. Those are adorable pictures. I love how he’s sizing up the Easter Bunny.

  29. LOL, that is too funny especially the 2nd picture.

    Happy WW!

  30. It looks like you all had a great time at Ethel M!

  31. There’s no way my little boy would sit still for the Easter bunny! Maybe one day, when he is older…

  32. Adorable!! He really is a ham!

  33. My kids love to visit the Easter Bunny.

  34. Those are awesome!! Mine wouldn’t sit by herself.

  35. Those photos are great! At least he’s not crying in them.

  36. Oh my goodness! He is adorable!!

  37. Carolyn G says:

    What a cutie! LOL

  38. what a cutiepie!

  39. Love those pics!!

  40. Haha, such a kid… picking his nose on camera. Too funny :)

  41. Very cute!

  42. I love the look!! You can just read his mind

  43. Haha- so cute and funnY! I love your captions:) Adorable!

  44. What a cutie!

  45. LOL he is too cute.

  46. Hahahah what a cutie!!

  47. LOL — those made me chuckle!

  48. haha, love the last picture.
    I wish the bunny would have been more into the pictures though. Looks like he’s bored

  49. Oh my gosh, that second picture is a riot! You are right–he is definitely a ham! :D

  50. LOL so adorable. What a cute little ham he is!

  51. oh my gosh how adorable I love it

  52. Too funny! love these pictures… that is such a great memory to have captured on images!

  53. Adorable!

  54. Those are great! You’ll love those better than a posed shot in the years to come.

  55. Oh my goodness, he’s too cute.

  56. He is ca-yute!!!

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