Eggcellent Antonyms Sight Word Game
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Eggcellent Antonyms Sight Word Game

I was getting a package ready to send to my niece and nephew when the dollar bin at target spoke to me with an eggcellent idea. I immediately snagged the package of foam eggs with Baybah in mind. B is in preschool (as you know) and is beginning to read/recognize words so I thought I would encourage his learning with a sight word/antonym game. An antonym is a word that describes an opposite of another. Such as in and out. Remember to use the word antonym with your child. Children love learning new big words. Plus the teacher will be using that word for years to come so why not get used to hearing it now!

Eggcellent Antonyms Sight Word Game

Eggcellent Antonym Sight Word Game



Foam eggs
Antonym list

If you are unable to find the foam eggs I found you can try lots of other ways to complete this same idea. Such as buying foam sheets and cutting them yourself or using plastic Easter eggs. This would achieve the same Easter antonym idea.
Moving on: Super simple! Select antonyms for your toddler that are relatable. See list below. Using words such as up and down not so much vivid and apparent. Unless your making this game for an older child of course…
I wrote out the words and drew simplistic pictures to describe the words. At first Baybah can use the the pictures to help him match the opposites correctly. But as he plays more and more the goal is for him to recognize/read the words. On the back of each egg half you can write out just the word as a challenge to see if your child is truly learning to read.

Antonym list: hot/cold, in/out, high/low, stop/go, over/under, boy/girl, tall/short, left/right, up/down, full/empty

Try this game with synonyms too!

Teachers: Here’s a fun idea for you. Make several sets and have children race to fill an Easter basket with the correct matches. I would use the plastic Easter eggs for this and buy those cheap $1 Easter baskets. You could do this as pairs or small groups. Example: If you made 2 different antonym baskets and 2 different synonym baskets your students could play this game 4 different times.

Eggcellent Antonym Sight Word Game



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  1. I love your educational crafts, what a fun way to learn opposites!

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  20. Very cute idea! This would be great for my two younger kids. Thanks for sharing the idea. :)

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