Enjoying Pre K | Wordless Wednesday

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B’s first couple of weeks at school have been going great.  He is just as excited about going each morning as he was the first day.  In fact he often says to me as I am still trying to wake up and put on my shoes to leave , ” Mom, hurry up! I am going to be late for my teacher!”

Wordless Wednesday 1024x768 Enjoying Pre K | Wordless Wednesday

He painted a machine that makes cookies and presents for everyone.

It has been tough to get out of him exactly what he does in school all day, you know how kids are.  But I have loved hearing about what he does share and seeing his different projects on the wall.

First Day of PreK 1024x768 Enjoying Pre K | Wordless Wednesday

He drew a picture of himself and his teacher holding hands. So sweet.

He is even excited about learning at home and wants to put together puzzles and do his homework!

Making a puzzle 1024x1024 Enjoying Pre K | Wordless Wednesday

We need to bottle up all of this excitement for Middle School!

 Enjoying Pre K | Wordless Wednesday
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  1. What a cutie! I love that big smile!!

  2. YES! Save it for middle school. My son has no excitement! lol

  3. Well thank God for that :) At least you don’t have to worry about him not enjoying himself :)

  4. How cute!!

  5. Look at that cutie and some awesome art work!

  6. Oh he looks like he’s having oodles of fun! Hey you think it’s tough to find out things… think of me! LOL! My son can only say 4 words so it’s more of me asking questions and him saying yes to them. :P

  7. I LOVE that he is loving school!! (Let me know if you figure out how to bottle the excitement?!)

  8. I love his artwork.

    I, too have a pre-k student, and his response to what did you do in school today is always, “I don’t remember.” However, if we sit down with him and get out his toys and pretend to “act out his day” with him using the toys, we find out all kinds of things. :)

  9. It is great that he is having fun!

  10. what a sweet drawing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I think it’s hard in general to get out of kids what they learned. My boys are in 2nd and Kindergarten and they always shrug their shoulders when I ask them what they learned. His grin says it all though!

  12. Awww. So glad that he’s having a great time!!


  13. That’s so wonderful he’s having such a great time and is excited to learn. He must have a special teacher.

  14. Preschool is so, so much fun!! I love it :)

  15. How wonderful! Maybe he will always enjoy school.

  16. He is adorable! I love that he’s so eager to learn! That’s how my Gavin is.

  17. Awwwww, that makes me happy to see how happy he is going to school!

  18. How cute is he that he tells you it’s time to go. Absolutely adorable.

  19. I love when they have such excitement for school. I’m sure it’ll eventually leave but let’s hope it stays around for middle school like you said.

  20. He has an amazing smile! My son loves school (with the exception of the first month or so of 3rd grade). :)

  21. He has got a great smile!

  22. So great that he is excited to go to school.

  23. He looks thrilled! My kindergarten is loving it too.

  24. Oh yes, if only one could harness all the energy and love for learning when they’re young and transfer it to when they are teens! LOL – I have one needing to write college application and scholarship essays and she could use some of Baybah’s enthusiasm :)

  25. AWWWW!!!! Such great photos! He looks so proud of himself, too! Adorable! <3

  26. My son is in pre- too and loves it, but he doesn’t do homework at home yet, lol….I can’t get him to sit for more than 5 minutes.

  27. So glad he’s enjoying the experience!

  28. Adorable, sounds like he has is having a wonderful time.

  29. He is just darling and I love how proud he looks.

  30. He’s the sweetest! I’m so glad he’s enjoying school.

  31. I bet he is going to be a good student throughout his entire academic career.

  32. Such a cutie – so glad he’s so happy/excited!!

  33. It’s great to hear how excited he is! I think that wonderful smile speaks for itself, too cute!

  34. Aww I’m so glad he’s enjoying it! &What a cute drawing!

  35. Wow, look at that smile! I can definitely tell he is enjoying pre-k!

  36. What an adorable smile! :)

  37. He looks so happy! Pre-K will be wonderful

  38. love his smile!

  39. I like his artwork. I think children’s art is often amazing, before they are constrained by societal ideas of what art is.

  40. He looks happy to be there!

  41. He’s so sweet! Love that he’s enjoying school!

  42. He is adorable.

  43. He is just the cutest. So sweet that he is loving pre-k so much!

  44. Aww… now isn’t he adorable. Looks so happy!

  45. He is such a cutie patootie :)

  46. I’m glad he’s having such a great time in Pre-K!

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