Fast Fall Crafts for Kids | Toddler Crafts
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Fast Fall Crafts for Kids | Toddler Crafts

Sweet Pea and I have been having a blast together creating fall crafts.  Like my sister, I cannot get enough of this season and all of its beautiful colors.  Here are 6 of our favorite Fall Crafts for Kids!

Easy Fall Crafts for Kids #Toddler #PreSchool #homeschool

Halloween Bracelets

Easy Fall Crafts for Kids #Toddler #Preschool #Homeschool


Green or orange pipe cleaner

Trix Cereal

Divided Tray (cupcake tin or ice cube tray)


Taking one end of the pipe cleaner create a loop and twist and secure that end around the pipe cleaner so there is no sharp edge. It should look like a needle. Separate cereal using only the orange and green Trix’s. Place Trix in divided tray. (You could just throw them all in a bowl too. I just thought it would be interesting to see if Sweet Pea would create a pattern if they were separated. It also made it easier to talk about the colors.) Help child thread cereal on the pipe cleaner until there is about an inch remaining. Thread pipe cleaner through the loop and twist to close the bracelet. Wear, eat, enjoy!


Sight Word Pumpkins

Easy Fall Crafts for Kids #Toddler #Preschool #Homeschool #Pumpkin


Orange foam sheets


Sight word list



Draw a pumpkin on orange foam sheets and cut out desired amount of pumpkins. I made 10 and wrote the words on the fronts and backs of the pumpkins using some words twice. Then you are ready to use in the tub for a fun learning lesson. Discuss the letters, words, meanings, talk about fall weather, the smells (pie, bonfires, damp grass), the experiences (hayrides, pumpkin carving…) Anything that gets you and your little one talking. The greater the exposure to language the more explosive the language!

Sight word list: pumpkin, harvest, October, fall, apple, acorn, scarecrow, autumn, leaf, leaves, sweater, Halloween, pumpkin patch

Painted Pumpkin

Easy Fall Crafts for Kids #Toddler #Preschool #Homeschool


Paint & brush

Pint sized pumpkin


Using paint allow child to paint their pumpkin to their hearts desire. Sweet Pea hates getting her hands dirty so this was a great way to still participate in decorating a pumpkin without messy hands. You could also use and/or add stickers, sticky foam shapes, markers, pipe cleaners, pom poms…


Ghostly Feet

Easy Fall Crafts for Kids #Toddler #Preschool #Homeschool


White construction paper

Black construction paper

Googly eyes


White Crayon or chalk

Your kiddo’s foot


Trace your child’s foot on the white construction paper. Cut out foot and glue to black construction paper. Add googly eyes to ghost. Using the chalk or crayon write one of the following Boo, Happy Halloween, Spooky…


Contact Paper Pumpkin

Easy Fall Crafts for Kids #Toddler #Preschool #Homeschool


Contact paper

Cut into squares:

  *Orange tissue paper

  *Gold or black tissue paper

  *Green tissue paper


Double sided Tape

Large window


Draw a large pumpkin on contact paper and cut out. Place double sided tape on the non-paper side then remove paper. Place the pumpkin with the double sided tape on the window leaving the sticky side facing out.  Depending on the age of child you can have them make the jack o lanterns face with the black or gold tissue paper. Encourage child to make the stem green and then cover the remainder of the pumpkin in orange. This took us two weeks to fully cover the pumpkin. Sweet Pea had to be encouraged and in the crafting mood to complete. But it turned out worth the wait!! I have it on display on our back screen door.

We also made candy corns but with less enthusiasm from Sweet Pea. She kept saying, no thank you. LOL! The sky is the limit with your creation. Witch’s hat, leaves, black cat, or even symbols for every holiday. Hearts, candy canes, Christmas trees, shamrocks, Easter eggs…


Fall Leaf Wreath

Easy Fall Crafts for Kids #Toddler #Preschool #Homeschool


Fall leaves in various colors and shapes

Elmer’s glue or mod podge

Paper plate




Take a nature walk with your child and collect leaves. Cut out center of paper plate and allow child to color the outer edge. Apply glue to cover the entire face of the paper plate and have your child add leaves. NOTE: you need to use fresh leaves. Dry leaves are really difficult if not impossible to glue down.


Recent to the blogging world, I'm a new mom finding my way with my little darling Sweet Pea. I enjoy cooking, baking, the great outdoors and everything Baby Girl! Elementary school teacher turned stay at home mom = children's lit lover and craft connoisseur.
Thanks for sharing!
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  1. Awesome collection of Fall crafts for kids! They all look super easy and will be ideal for my sensory seeking toddler as well. Love it!

  2. Painted pumpkins are soooo much fun. They are especially a good project to do with children who aren’t old enough to get into the carving yet.

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  5. What wonderful fall crafts. Makes me reminiscent for the day when my kids were toddlers and interested in exploring the world. Have fun crafting.

  6. What fabulous Fall crafts!! I will definitely be doing a couple of these with my little one!

  7. Thanks for sharing so many Fall Crafts for Kids! I have been looking for easy crafts to do with my 3 year old. The sight words idea is really good because it’s fun and educational!

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  12. I love all of these ideas! The ghost feet are super cute and far less messy than the painted versions I’ve seen! I have foam pumpkins, I’ll have to try the sight word activity with my lil guy!
    Thanks for these! :)

  13. What a fun collection of crafts! My kids are bit older so they won’t craft with me (they’re boys) so I really miss those days.

  14. I absolutely love doing crafts with my kids. We have such a great time and I have found a way not to let it bother me during craft time if they make a mess!! ;-)

  15. These are so fun and perfect for the little ones! I’ll have to tell my friend about your post! She’s in charge of the 2-4 year olds at church and I’m sure she would love these craft ideas!

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