Father's Day Craft | Monkey Toes (Footprint Craft)
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Father’s Day Craft | Monkey Toes (Footprint Craft)

I am so excited to introduce you to a new writer for Crazy About My Baybah, my sister Chickie!! She is a married stay at home crafty mama to the most adorable little girl.  Yes, I am a very proud Auntie!  Chickie is going to be sharing some crafts and writing reviews too, so keep an eye out for her posts! For her first post she wanted to share a fun and easy Father’s Day craft.  So without further ado, here is her post!

This Sunday we will be celebrating our very 1st Father’s Day! Yay! Knowing that this is a special day and yet not having any time I needed something quick, easy and yet meaningful. So off to the internet I went to purchase the perfect gift. I quickly found my husband doesn’t fit the typical fathers day gifts. He doesn’t wear a tie to work, he isn’t a grill master, no hobbies like golf or hunting… what was I going to do! So I thought about his favorite things. These days his favorite “thing” is little Miss Monkey Toes. Yes, that’s what he has nicknamed our baby girl because she has such long toes. At five months old she likes to use these toes to hold her favorite toys. So why not create a craft featuring those famous toes. Off I went to the internet again to find crafts featuring footprints. After a quick search I found a great project on everyones favorite craft site- Pinterest! For me the fun in finding these wonderful ideas is to then make them my own. Read how I’ve made this unique idea mine.

Father’s Day Craft- Monkey Toes

-large black ink pad
-baby wipes
-white cardstock
-scrap paper
-red textured scrapbook paper
-scissors, glue, pencil, tape
-computer with printer
-picture frame**
-daddy’s little monkey toes

**Select a picture frame that has matting big enough to fit your child’s footprints. I used an 8X8 frame with a 5X5 mat.

Step 1:
Fold 1 piece of cardstock in half several times to create 4 boxes. Unfold and cut along each crease so you have 4 separate pieces. These will be used for your child’s prints. The goal being to have 1 clean and perfect print of each foot.

Don’t worry about cutting the exact same size as you’ll be trimming the paper anyway.

Step 2:

Have your child’s feet, ink pad, the 4 cardstock pieces and the wipes all within arms reach. It worked best for me to have my monkey toes in her chair and bring the ink pad to each foot. If your child wiggles like mine you’ll be happy you have an extra 2 tries for each foot. Fold and cut more cardstock if you are unable to get the prints you desire. Use the baby wipes immediately to wipe off any ink to keep your child from chomping on those delicious inked toes. Once you have 1 great print of each foot cut carefully around each footprint leaving little to no excess paper. You want to showcase the print not the white cardstock.

Step 3:
Using the scrap paper cut out a heart by folding the paper in half to ensure an equal sided heart. Use the scrap paper as a templet to then trace onto the red scrapbook paper. Make sure your heart is small enough to fit within the mat of your frame but large enough to fit the footprints.

Step 4:
Using your word processing program pull up a blank document and type out the saying, From the bottom of my HEART to the tips of my toes I LOVE YOU! Choose what font you like best and if desired use black or colored ink. I suggest using 9 as your font size. This will ensure that Daddy will be able to read the saying the best. Copy and paste the saying covering the entire page once you have it just how you want it. Justify the page so it reads and looks more organized. Print page.

Step 5:
Gather your footprints, the red heart, saying and frame. Plan out the best way to showcase your work. I played with the mat and the saying until I was able to read the entire saying at the top of the mat. Once you’ve found the perfect placement use your pencil to trace the mats edges to fit within the frame. Now its all about gluing. Glue the footprints onto the heart and then the heart onto the saying paper. Tape the saying paper onto the mat to keep from sliding.

I cut each corner of the saying paper to tape it properly to the mat.

Step 6:
Put your frame back together and wait patiently to have your child give this one-of-a-kind unique gift to Daddy that he’ll be sure to love for many years to come!

Team work with my Monkey Toes Daddy’s gift is ready to go!

Baby Feet

See… She really is Miss Monkey Toes


Recent to the blogging world, I'm a new mom finding my way with my little darling Sweet Pea. I enjoy cooking, baking, the great outdoors and everything Baby Girl! Elementary school teacher turned stay at home mom = children's lit lover and craft connoisseur.
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    Cute dad’s day gift idea!

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  29. Laura Brewer says:

    I have a question! First…I love this!!! I am gonna do this for my son with his 2 yr daughter! All I have is Pink cardstock. What if I put her feet on Pink cardstock and used pink cardstock behind it as heart? on the white paper with Pink letters. Real girly ya know??? Wouldnt that look ok? or why do you have this on red scrap paper? is there a reason?

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