Favorite Moments | Wordless Wednesday
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Favorite Moments | Wordless Wednesday

Favorite Moments

This week my favorite moments were filled with lots of time hanging with this guy.  The weather here has been perfect lately so we have been spending time playing in the backyard enjoying the beautiful weather.

Favorite Moments from the Week Wordless Wednesday

What was one of your favorite moments from the past week?

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  1. He just has the most contagious smile. What a precious little man!

  2. I LOVE that smile! It’s still a little warm to play outside here, so we’ve been playing indoors.

  3. What a handsome boy! My favorite moment was outside with my lil’ man too!

  4. Carolyn G says:

    He is adorable!!

  5. He is just the cutest!

  6. You have such a cute son! I love his smile!

  7. Your little man has the cutest smile ever!

    Think my favorite moment the past week was finding out we’ll be having a baby…(did you hop over and check the post yet, if not I don’t want to ruin the surprise ;>)

  8. Aww, he is adorable as always! And getting so big! I have lots of great moments this week and shared a few in my WW post (:

  9. Every time I see his adorable smile I just think to myself how happy he always looks :)

  10. Man he has the BEST smile!! Love how his whole face is so lit up with joy. My favorite moment this week? Good question…probably when my son tells me I’m the ‘best mommy’ :)

  11. So much zest and energy! I wish I could bottle that ;) I can’t say I had a “favorite” part of the week this past one – hopefully this week will shape up to be better :)

  12. Looks like he’s have the BEST time! I think any time hanging out with my little guy is the best too.

  13. He has the biggest, brightest smile! It would make the sourest of people smile back. :)

  14. His smile is adorable!

  15. What a handsome little boy! I love his smile, looks like he was having a blast!!!

  16. My gosh look at the smile :) so cute! Happy Moment was M trying her first chocolate covered strawberry :) yay for fpies passes!

  17. Always such a smiley guy…ummm my favorite part of the week not quite sure I did have some fun with my daughter doing crafts for Halloween.

  18. It is nearly impossible to see that lil’ guy’s face and NOT smile.

  19. He’s so adorable. My favorite moments of this past week are all the Halloween crafts we’ve done!

  20. I agree that the weather was gorgeous this week and I sure hope it stays! My favorite moment of the week was scoring a great new purse on clearance for less than $5 (it was originally $68!)

  21. Enjoying playtime in good weather is always a fun and good idea. I can tell he really liked it by his smiles

  22. He’s such a cutie! I agree, the weather has been PERFECT. We’ve been outside a lot too. This week flew by so quickly I can’t even remember what I did!

  23. He’s so adorable and he’s getting so big!

  24. He’s freaking adorable and he has the most amazing smile EVER.

  25. He’s so cute!

  26. Handsome little fella!

    My favorite moment was putting a KitchenAid stand mixer on layaway. Not exactly newsworthy, yet I’m still excited!

  27. Karen Glatt says:

    Your son is just a cutie! I would have a blast hanging out with him too. I hung out with my Dad and sister on Friday and we had a lot of fun!

  28. Oh my goodness, his smile is great! One of my favorite moments is cuddled up late at night watching Austin and Ally with my youngest this weekend when everyone else in the house had already fallen asleep.

  29. Look at his big smile. Adorable!

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