Finding Time for Mom to Get Fit
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Finding Time for Mom to Get Fit

The magical moment when you arrive at motherhood is such an exciting time in one’s life. Having a child not only changes how you feel about the world, feel about love, and see life beyond your own eyes, but it has a bigger impact on one thing for all women: our bodies. Whether you are a mom who is able to bounce back, or a mom who struggles with those last pounds, the biggest concern we find is lack of time to get back into shape and get fit!

  Finding Time For Busy Moms to Get Fit

Whether you are on your first child or sixth, our schedules are already so full and loaded that trying to fit in anytime for ourselves seems almost impossible. Remembering that your health is an important factor to your family and your children, is a great reason to motivate yourself to get fit and take care of your body.


A couple of things to look at before preparing a workout plan for your already full schedule are:

  • What can you fit in your day right now?

  • How can you change your routine to give you more time to exercise?

  • What kind of activities appeal to me?


Once you have answered all of those questions, motivating yourself, and finding time to exercise will become easier. If you find you really don’t like going to the gym, but love hiking and running, it’s easier to have that plan in your week to make time to get outside. If you already know that your children are late-risers, getting a workout in an hour before they wake up is an easy way to change your schedule to accommodate a workout.


Getting The Most Workout For Your Time to Help You Get Fit




The first thing you need to do to get a successful workout in, is to plan it. If it’s already on your schedule, on an alarm on your phone, or scribbled down on a pad on your wall, you are more likely to take initiative and finish your workout. The best times for working out are up to you. Whether it is in the morning, while kids get a nap, or in the evening. Whenever you can find a moment to yourself, is the best moment to work on your health. There is not a wrong time to exercise. Whether it is cardio for 1 hour straight, or 15 minute intervals throughout the day, create a schedule that is easy for you to follow and stick with your plan.


Any Exercise Is Good Exercise


Sometimes we think we need to be on an elliptical machine or be in an aerobics class to get a “real” workout. Take advantage of our daily tasks and opportunities with your children to get a good sweat going. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park farther away from the supermarket entrance, have a dance party with your children. Turn moments of where you are stationary, to moving around, from doing squats while folding laundry, to doing sit ups while watching TV. Children are always wanting to be on the go, so jog alongside them while they ride their bike is another great example of getting involved with your children. You’ll discover the more active you are, the family will follow.


Workout Videos


There are plenty of great workout videos you can buy or even view online. Websites like Blogilates, offers short Youtube videos that can be done as bursts of energy, or done multiple times for a full workout. These are great while the kids entertain themselves with a coloring book or legos. You can easily find a quick 10 minute video on your computer or smart phone and get rid of some calories in the kitchen without your children even noticing your absence.


Using videos are also a great way to mix up your routine, discover something new, and keep you from getting bored with working out. There are plenty of videos where your children can join in and laugh with you. Doing 3, 10 minutes videos a day is all it takes to see a difference.


Join A Gym or Program


If you have a gym or YMCA close to you, check it out and see if it would work for your family. Most gyms now offer classes, childcare, and even children’s programs to help you have more time for yourself to get in shape, while entertaining your children. There are also other programs for new moms like Stroller Strides and StrollerFit that are worth taking a look, if you have a young child you can take them with you and bond.


Exercise Apps


If you have a smartphone, there are plenty of great apps that can help you get into shape when you have limited time. The MyFitnessPal app is a great calorie counting app that also includes some exercise instructions. The Nike App is also an amazing resource as they have free exercise videos and commands from 5 minutes videos to 30 minute workouts.


The most important thing to remember is to keep moving in your daily life. Whether you invest in machines, a gym, or commit to being more active with your children, you are making an amazing choice for your family to remain as healthy as you can be. Healthy choices are also made together as a family, and as mom starts to be more active and eat healthy, you’ll find you’ll have set great healthy habits in motion for your family.

Lauren is the owner and writer for Crazy About My Baybah. She is a mom that is crazy about her family, art, photography, getting fit, Disney, and living in Las Vegas.

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  1. I love using videos, but I do need to investigate some of the apps and see what they’ve got going on!

  2. I think the biggest thing for me when it comes to exercising is prioritizing. If I make exercise a priority, it happens. If not, it doesn’t, simple as that.

  3. I’ve finally come to the realization that “any exercise” is good exercise. If all I have time for is a short walk, then that is better than nothing. :)

  4. I love workout apps. They help me work out from home and keep track of everything.

  5. I’d love to, at the very least, start stair climbing.

  6. Good ideas. I have been doing squats here and there throughout the day.

  7. The older I get the more painfully aware of how sedentary I have become. I guess it is a good thing that my grass needs to be cut – it will force me to get out and get some needed exercise.

  8. I prefer walking and biking. I like things that don’t cost me any money (monthly fees, etc.)

  9. Between working and chasing after my 11 month old, I can’t seem to find the time for exercise. When there is time, I’m so worn out and tired!

  10. I’m really good at the planning but not so much on the follow through, when it comes to fitness.

  11. I lost all of my baby weight by working out to videos while my kids napped in the afternoon or had quiet time. I now maintain by going to the gym 6 days a week and really enjoy the small bit of me time. I love these suggestions!

  12. I am still struggling with adrenal issues so I’m not allowed to exercise since it depletes me even further. it sucks.

  13. Great advice!

  14. I just can’t seem to get back on track lately. I’m hoping when my new Jawbone Up comes in the novelty of it will kick me in gear.

  15. I think having the items you need at home helps. I have a treadmill and a bike. My hubby has weights, but they are way to heavy for me. Thanks for the reminder that I need to pick up some lighter ones for me.

  16. I really need to work on making exercise a priority. I am signing up for a yoga class in the next few weeks though.

  17. I’ve been finding more videos online which really help .

  18. Um I am completely distracted by that really cute bag you have pictured lol But seriously, these are great tips. Using what you have at home is big, especially for those that don’t have gym memberships.

  19. I’ve used all those tips before sometimes it is just so hard not to find the time but to get motivated.

  20. Thankfully my husband just brought our treadmill in from the garage into our sunroom. Hopefully once I pop this baby out, I’ll be able to squeeze in some time on that thing.

  21. Once I made it a priority – I made it happen!

  22. I seriously need to start practicing these tips for sure. I’m trying to get back in shape.

  23. I try to carve out work out time. It’s good for me and everyone else… lol

  24. Great tips. It really is a challenge to find the time.

  25. These are great tips! I find that I workout a lot more when I have a set schedule each day.

  26. I really need to look into more workout apps to help me lose the last 20lbs.

  27. I’m trying to find time to add activity into my schedule, it’s definitely harder in the summer :)

  28. I go for walks and try fitness at home videos but I love all your tips

  29. These are GREAT tips.

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