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Gift a BabbaBox and Let Your Preschoolers Creativity Soar #Spon

Are you looking for a fun, creative, and educational gift to give your child this holiday season?  I am too.  I think that is what every parent strives for when searching for the perfect gift for their child.  Yes, we love to giving Baybah typical gifts like toy cars, trucks, and clothes, but we also want to give him a special gift that is just as creative and unique as he is.  Recently I was introduced to the BabbaBox and I think it is the perfect gift!  It engages kids to create a fun and educational hands-on project that they can keep and cherish forever.

What is a BabbaBox you ask?  It is a monthly subscription box that is delivered to your home with all of the materials plus know-how content to get your kids engaged in fun, creativity, and learning! ( BabbaBox overview ) Each month is a new theme ranging from Awesome Artist to Recycling to help broaden your child’s world.

Fun Themes to Come:
Royal Kingdom: explore the kings, queens, knights in armor.
Rainforest: the lush characteristics of the rainforest
Awesome Artist: pop art, impressionism, and other art movements in history
Recycling shows them how paper is recycled and they decorate their own BPA-free reusable snack pouch.

Babba Box

BabbaBox includes 5 major components centered around the ways kids engage and learn: CREATE, EXPLORE, STORY TELL, CONNECT. “Create” are 2 projects they make themselves. “Explore” is an activity with a provided project or object to engage with the world. “Story tell” is a bestselling book that best represents the theme through a story. “Connect” is the digital downloads.

There is enough to engage throughout the month depending on how the parent uses the projects.

Get a sneak peek and see what is inside the Awesome Artist BabbaBox!   Fun, right?  I know Baybah would love it, and I know I would have a blast teaching him about a famous artist and creating a Pop Art t-shirt with him!

Babba Box

BabbaBox is the perfect gift to let your preschoolers creativity soar!

Enter the BabbaBox Holiday Sweepstakes for $1500 in cash:

BabbaCo is giving away $1500 in cash for a holiday shopping spree for you and your family!  Plus, the winner will also win a free annual BabbaBox membership!  10 other winners will win gift cards to Target,, and more.   Enter the sweepstakes HERE!!

Disclosure: This article is sponsored by BabbaCo however all thoughts and opinions are my own.
Lauren is the owner and writer for Crazy About My Baybah. She is a mom that is crazy about her family, art, photography, getting fit, Disney, and living in Las Vegas.

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