GreenChoice Natural Organic Carpet and Rug Cleaning
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GreenChoice Natural Organic Carpet and Rug Cleaning

Green Carpet Cleaning

Parents and pet owners alike will no doubt agree on the importance of keeping the carpets in the home clean, fresh and chemical-free. Fortunately, today’s market includes numerous options when it comes to green carpet cleaning. GreenChoice carpet and rug cleaning provides outstanding service using only 100 percent organic cleaning agents. Customers will rest assured knowing their crawling toddlers and cuddly puppies will remain unharmed by harsh chemicals.

The professional and knowledgeable staff at GreenChoice knows how to satisfy all customers. The company will provide an estimate on all types of chemical-free cleaning throughout the home. Their services on not limited to carpets. GreenChoice will also clean and repair rugs, upholstery, leather, mattresses, air ducts and water damage. If you have other issues in the home that require green cleaning, don’t hesitate to ask. The friendly staff can accommodate a range of needs in order to keep the customer happy.

If you haven’t yet been convinced of the benefits of green carpet cleaning, keep in mind the harsh chemicals used in traditional heavy-duty cleaners. These chemicals, like isobutane and propane, seem more suited for the gas tank than our homes. As they evaporate into the air, they cause pollution and potential health risks. It makes sense to go the safer route by cleaning with products that are natural and chemical-free to avoid putting your family and pets at risk.

Call GreenChoice today to freshen up your home with green carpet cleaning.

 Disclosure: This post was brought to you by GreenChoice.

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  1. I need to look at this for using with my cleaner.

  2. I always try to use “green” products!

  3. With small children around, this technique would be so much nicer!

  4. sounds like a great natural cleaner

  5. Sounds like an awesome product. Anything to be a little green-er is worth trying!

  6. Sounds like an awesome product!

  7. I try to stay away from chemicals, so this is for me.

  8. I’ve never heard of green carpet cleaning before . Definitely something to think about. We were talking about getting our carpets cleaned the other day

  9. I need to work on cleaning my carpets. I’ll check this out.

  10. Definitely using green cleaner is a big thing for me to do when I can as a mom and pet owner.

  11. I was looking for something like this! Thanks for shairng!

  12. So glad to hear about this. I hate to think about what I am putting on our floors with all those chemicals.

  13. Thank you for sharing about Green Choice, I have been trying to go more green in my home!

  14. We don’t have carpeting in our house but if we did I would only use a green carpet cleaner.

  15. I will have to check this out we have a few rooms that have carpet that needs a good cleaning.

  16. We’re always looking for “green” products for the home, especially with kids and a dog around.

  17. Zipporah Sandler says:

    I had no idea there were green rug cleaners

  18. i have all wood floors but telling my sister :)

  19. I love that they are green.

  20. I would love to have the small area of carpet in our home deep cleaned. The darn owners prior to us chose WHITE for our gigantic master bedroom/bath area. I’m guessing they didn’t have children.

  21. i would feel much better using this with a pet

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