Handmade Valentines to Mail to Family and Friends
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Handmade Valentines to Mail to Family and Friends

Sweet Pea loves going to the mailbox and receiving her very own mail! Some days it’s a flier for a new gym or a children’s clothing sale but she is thrilled all the same when she has mail! On special occasions she even receives mail from her Grandparents. They encourage her love of “me mail” as she calls it and she loves the fun stickers they always send! So I have decided that I need to show Sweet Pea the lost art of a handwritten note sent in the mail by making handmade Valentines. Recently, I have been invited to a dinner party, shower, birthday party and wedding all through the internet. I even received holiday cards in my inbox and not mailbox. Well I’m on a one woman crusade to teach Sweet Pea that while that’s all fine and good the most meaningful messages come handwritten from the heart. Sorry, I’m old fashioned that way!! So this Valentine’s Day we are making our own cards to mail to our family and friends!

Handmade Valentines – Simple How To:

Handmade Valentine Cards - Valentines Day Crafts for Kids


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Watercolores and Brush
Construction Paper
The letters L,O,V,E


On a piece of white construction paper or card stock allow your child to cover it with paint using fingers or brush! Leaving white is fine and then allow to dry. Trace letters on the dry painted paper. I had letters from my teaching days laying around but drug stores, Target, Walmart all carry letters in their paper section. If you have a dye-cut machine of course you could use that. I was able to trace love four times on one large sheet of construction paper. Cut out letters and allow child to put glue on the back of each letter. Then on a piece of folded construction paper stack letters like my example. I then cut the bottom portion of construction paper so it was more of a square card than rectangular. Allow to dry. Last, using crayons encourage child to “write” their love letter.
Find an envelope and address it together. Sweet Pea loves adding the stamp and our address label herself. Last but not least have child proudly place his/her love letters in the mail! Go to the post office for some extra fun and use the giant mailbox. Sweet Pea loves watching her mail disappear after closing the giant mail door.

*try other valentine sayings like: xoxo or hugs. This is a great card for any occasion not just Valentine’s Day!

Do you love getting handwritten cards in the mail?


Recent to the blogging world, I'm a new mom finding my way with my little darling Sweet Pea. I enjoy cooking, baking, the great outdoors and everything Baby Girl! Elementary school teacher turned stay at home mom = children's lit lover and craft connoisseur.
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  1. I love these. I love getting hand written mail. People just don’t send real letters much anymore.

  2. Those are beautiful, I love the watercolor effect in the results (like art)

  3. Very pretty. I have sometimes mailed my daughter a letter so she will get some mail :)

  4. Getting mail is so fun and my kids are so excited when they get it too. These are perfect for kids to make to send to gma and gpa!

  5. These cards are so special and artistic. Hoping to find one in my mailbox for Valentine’s Day.

  6. These are the cutest things. I would absolutely LOVE for my boys to make some and send them to nana & papa :)

  7. Those are really beautiful and look so artsy!

  8. I love these! We love getting mail and sending mail! My grandparents would love this from my oldest

  9. We have family that lives far away, they would love this art from my DD.

  10. Oh, I love these! My family would love to receive this from my son!

  11. These are so cute – simple yet colorful and adorable. I would love to do XOXO ones too!

  12. This is perfect for grandparents! I love getting cards and notes in the mail. My grandma (who is almost 90) wrote me a long letter for Christmas. I’ll keep it for many years to come. Snail mail is the BEST.

  13. awesome. and so simple. i always over complicate things

  14. These are so pretty! Handmade Valentines are the best!

  15. Those are so cute! I love that you used paint to make the designs on the letters. They all look different but coordinate.

  16. These are such cute cards! I know I would love to get one of these. And kids at any age can participate in making them!

  17. It’s so easy for most anyone to pull together on a snowy or cold day. Cute idea for kids!

  18. Handmade Valentines are the best!! And these turned out really cute, I’m glad you shared them!

  19. I love the look of these cards.

  20. My girls would LOVE making these. Pun intended. Seriously though these are super cute and easy to make.

  21. I love this! We’re doing Valentines themed activities the next few weeks, this is going on my lesson plans!

  22. Beautiful! These look like they are fun to make!

  23. Those are so adorable! Would be cute decorations!

  24. These are such cute little Valentine’s! I love handmade over store bought any day!

  25. the water color effect if beautiful. you’re going to have lots of happy recipients.

  26. I agree with the previous commenter, I’m loving that watercolor effect! And I do love receiving handwritten cards in the mail, but it doesn’t happen nearly enough. Perhaps a letter writing campaign for February is in order!

  27. Those are so cute! I love that it’s a project and a card all in one.

  28. That’s what I need my kids to do for their grandma instead of always asking for money to buy cards. She might appreciate it more too. :)

  29. Those turned out really cute! My kids would love to make these and they’d be great to send to all of the grandparents. Thanks for the idea! :)

  30. These are really cute and colorful!

  31. Those look so fun to make and I bet anyone that receives them would be delighted!

  32. What a fun idea!!! I love the look of the Love with all the pretty colors! What a great idea for kids!!

  33. I would love to get a card like that from my niece! It would immediately go to the front of my fridge and stay there for months!

  34. Those are very artistic cards. I love getting home made cards. They means so much more than store bought, That is a great craft.

  35. That is really pretty! You’re very crafty. :)

  36. katherine bartlett says:

    We don’t do valentine’s day but these are cute crafts for anytime

  37. I love simple easy crafts like this for the kids. I am going to see if they want to make some of these for my mom.

  38. I love getting cards in the mail and would be thrilled if something this adorable arrived to my mail box.

  39. These are very cute and colorful. It would be a lot of fun to do these with my daughter.

  40. How cute! I know a few grandparents who would love to get something like that!

  41. My kids would love making these creative and colorful valentines! Thank you for the crafty idea!

  42. Super cute and so fun for the kids to make!

  43. Super simple! Love it.

  44. These are great! Homemade is best!


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