DIY: How to Make Your Own Felt Board
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DIY: How to Make Your Own Felt Board

I really wanted to make a felt board for Sweet Pea because of how much she enjoys using it at our library. I decided I wanted to do something super simple like a large piece of felt that I would Velcro to the wall. But no, I had to look online and see how “simple” it could be to make a nicer one on my own. Knowing I was in over my head (since I am not handy whatsoever)! I was nervous but excited to see what I could come up with. I headed to my local thrift store and found a fabulous frame that looked absolutely unloved and need of me. $15 later it was on its way to fabulousness. Here’s my simple how to make your own felt board and it really was simple!!

How to Make Your Own Felt Board #Tutorial #DIY

How to Make Your Own Felt Board


Hot glue


36”X36” Piece of Felt, any color (Michael’s)

30ish”X31ish” Frame

So why the –ish on the frame? Simple, the frame I purchased (like I mentioned above) came from a thrift shop so I can’t direct you to a specific store to find the exact frame. But because the large felt piece from Michael’s is 36”x36” you will need a frame that will be smaller in order to stretch properly within the frame.

How To Make Your Own Felt Board #Tutorial #DIY

  1. The frame I used did not come with glass. If the frame you purchase does remove and discard.
  2. Iron 36”x36” felt so that it is wrinkle-free. WARNING: You must place a thin cloth between iron and felt. The felt will melt onto your iron and will take you hours to clean!! I learned from experience…
  3. Lay wrinkle-free felt on the floor or large flat surface and take out the frames backing. Lay backing on top of felt. I did not center the backing rather I placed it along the bottom and left corner so I would only need to trim the right and top. Instead of cutting all four sides. Make sure to leave about an inch around all sides and cut off all excess felt.
  4. Using your hot glue gun, lay glue along the bottom of the backing. About ½ inch from the bottom. Leaving enough room for the glue to spread when felt lies on top.  Fold felt over so it sticks to the backing.
  5. When completed with the bottom pick a side to do next. Cut the felt along the side to create an angle. (See picture) Discard cut piece then hot glue the angle and that entire side of the felt to the backing. Repeat steps 4 and 5 to complete top and remaining side. Remember to pull felt tight so that there is no folding of the material.
  6. Put frame back together without glass.
  7. Tada! That’s it so, so easy!!  Using various felt colors create your own creatures, letters and items to play with on your board.


  • The leaves I used are from Michael’s. It was supposed to be a garland and I just tore it apart. Michael’s carries several different felt pieces already assembled for the not so crafty.
  • There are many a felt templates out there! Seek the internet and you shall find!!!
  • Having chalk handy to draw directly onto the felt is very handy and will wipe clean. I just used Sweet Pea’s sidewalk chalk. Nothing special…
  • If you have items you want to trace and cut perfectly use freezer paper. Trace desired items onto freezer paper. Next, lay freezer paper on top of felt with the shiny side down. Iron paper onto felt. Then cut along your traced lines. It will cut your felt perfectly. So easy- but again make sure your iron does NOT touch the felt!
  • If you do get felt on your iron wait until it is cooled and then use white vinegar to remove.

How to Make a Felt Board #Tutorial #DIY

Below is a list of things you will need for creating your own shapes, letters and creatures.

Supplies for creating “things” for felt board

Various colors of felt

Freezer paper


Marker, pen or chalk

Enjoy creating your own story boards and if you try this please share your project! I would love to see what you have created!!

Happy Crafting!


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