No More Disasters - Huggies Snug & Dry Challenge
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No More Disasters | Huggies Snug & Dry Challenge #HuggiesTester #sp

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Every new parent loves showing off their little dumpling. As I sat in the waiting room at the pediatrician I beamed with pride as people began oohing and ahhing over Ms. B. Sounds of “ooh she’s adorable” and “look at that little outfit” filled the air. I reached down to pick up the baby so that everyone could take a closer look, and that’s when it happened…. I hear a “GASP” from the lady beside me. The little girl who was once looking at Ms. B with admiration now looked completely mortified. I looked down to see what caused this change and immediately felt mortified. A blowout. This wasn’t just any blowout either. This was a massive through the onesie down to the socks all throughout the car seat kind of mess.

As if on cue, the nurse called us back at that precise moment. I asked for a few minutes to recoup in the restroom before seeing the doctor and headed quickly to the nearest restroom to address my “sticky situation”.  As I cleaned her and the carseat I thought something had to change, this has happened more than once.  Many times these blowouts call for a bath and a change of clothes.  Sometimes the poor thing even has 2 a day.   Right then I decided to put Huggies Snug & Dry to the test to see if they could stop these disasters.

No More Disasters - Huggies Snug & Dry Challenge

After taking the Huggies Snug & Dry challenge for the past couple of weeks, I am happy to say that so far we have had zero blowouts!  As if the Leak Lock® protection isn’t enough to ease my worries, Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers also feature a SureFit*Design that offers long-lasting fit for up to 12 hours of leakage protection. The Snugfit waistband fits closely to baby’s body and adjusts with their many twists and turns. The wide range of sizes fit babies up to over 35 lbs, so I don’t have to worry about baby growing out of the diapers anytime soon. The affordable price tag is also a nice bonus. Huggies Snug & Dry starts at around $9.99 for a Jumbo Pack and $19.99 for a Big pack, and is available nationwide wherever diapers are sold.

No More Disasters - Huggies Snug & Dry Challenge

Take the Challenge:

How quickly can you clean up a messy situation like mine? Hop on over to the Huggies Challenge website and test your skills in the “Triple Mess Manor Challenge”. Once you’ve mastered that, browse around and play the many other games available.  Not only are they fun, you’ll be supporting a baby in need! With every new challenge that you complete, Huggies “Every Little Bottom” will donate diapers to a baby in need! You’ll also benefit as well. That’s because every time that you take the Huggies Challenge, you can win Huggies Rewards Points which can be used towards free diapers and free samples!

Signing up on the Huggies Challenge website is simple. Simply login through Facebook to play games and put Huggies to the test with real-life diaper challenges today! Be sure to share your messy cleanup story while your there. Every parent has one!

Complete the Huggies Challenge!



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  1. We don’t have anyone in diapers. Our son is in pull-up style pants. Wishing he’d potty train! Adorable photo of your daughter!

  2. I’m sure she gave you the goods to test them well too. Thank heavens for no leaks!

  3. When my boys were babies, I always used Huggies. They were great against leaks!!

  4. oh my gosh if that isn’t one of the CUTEST diaper testers EVER!! what a cutie pie! Huggies is always a go-to brand in our lives when we need ‘sposies

  5. I have always been the biggest fan of Huggies. When my daughter was little and in diapers it was the only brand I ever purchased. They are not only comfy and snug but they also keep them dry without causing any kind of rash from wetness. Your little angel is precious!

  6. I don’t have any kids yet, so diapers are not on my mind…but Huggies seems like a tried and true brand!

  7. I am a huggies mom all the way. They were used on me, and they were the only thing that kept all of Red’s stuff clean and away. We only had ONE blowout in our 2.5 years of using diapers. That’s awesome!

  8. Your daughter is precious! Boy do I have some messy diaper stories!!!

  9. My youngest is 10, so we’ve been out of the diapers for a bit now. I do remember we always bought Huggies Supreme Diapers in the red packaging when they were small though. My niece is expecting a baby soon, and I will definitely be picking up Huggies for her baby shower though!

  10. I’ve never tried those Huggies before but I do love their pull ups! We are almost up to potty training- which I am dreading!! Your daughter is so cute!

  11. Your sweet pea is just precious, love her! I hate blowouts! My toddler had one last night actually, the first in a long time. Glad to hear Huggies is working great for you.

  12. I love huggies and wont use anything else!

  13. She is the cutest thing ever. I remember my oldest’s first blowout – at a restaurant where hubs and I were having a special Valentine’s Day lunch! Wish these had been around then.

  14. That hat is too cute! I just can’t stop smiling at your first line – ‘little dumpling’ :)

  15. She is so so precious. I remember being at Target and Olivia had a HUGE blow out. We were using store brand diapers and switched to Huggies!

  16. She is too cute. I remember driving down the road and my son having a moment and it went all up his back. I promptly switched to huggies after that!!

  17. She is absolutely adorable! I’m so glad you found something that works for your little one! I’d hate to see all that cuteness dirtied up!

  18. Amy Desrosiers says:

    Your daughter is adorable in those diapers! We loved them for our son too!

  19. What a cutie! I remember the frustrations of trying to find a diaper that didn’t leak, especially with my first.

  20. What a cute baby. I haven’t had diapers in house for a few years now, but I have a 13 month old niece who could benefit from taking the Huggies challenge … I will have to ask what diapers my sister uses.

  21. She is gorgeous!! I imagine even the worst blow out wouldn’t make her any less cute, lol!! Honestly though, ughh. Those are the worst. I remember once when little man was just a few days old. I was a new mom, at home by myself during the day, the phone rings while I’m changing him. The diaper came off, phone rung, I answered it with my free hand, he started having a big one WITH his diaper off. He was breast fed and those BM’s can be explosive anyway. Ugh. I instantly started crying. I can laugh now, but boy howdy…that was a rough day! P.S. Always been a fan of Huggies!! Nothing else compares!

  22. We used Huggies for my niece and they worked so awesome on her. We tried to use them again on my nephew but he actually wound up being allergic to all disposable diapers!

  23. what a doll baby, she’s adorable. we moms have some crazy dirty diaper stories to share

  24. No babies in diapers here – shared your post with a good friend that has two in diapers! Huggies is a great brand name!

  25. Ashley M says:

    Huggies was our go to brand all the way from infancy to potty training :)

  26. Blowouts are the worst! Your little one is so cute.

  27. Eliz Frank says:

    Your sweet baby is adorable… I remember blowouts… Thank God for improvements.

  28. I always used name brand diapers with my babies. Had to check out the post just because she is adorable!

  29. What a cutie! My boys are out of diapers now, but I was a BIG fan of Huggies. Their diapers are great and they don’t leak– plus with coupons and savings they are totally affordable!

  30. Yikes! I certainly hope that’s the last blowout from Ms. B now that Huggies has her (better) covered :)

  31. She’s so adorable. I hope she’s doing better now and Huggies are amazing.

  32. She is beyond adorable!!!! I can’t say that enough! Nice to see Huggies are a winner!!

  33. I’m about to buy my own Snug and Dry diapers too! I hope my son likes them.

  34. I remember when my son had a MAJOR blowout when I was shopping at JCPenney. It was everywhere! I don’t remember which diaper brand I was using at that time, but it was probably Luvs. That didn’t happen ever again when I decided to switch brands (Huggies).

  35. She is adorable! We had a blow out a few weeks ago that even dripped out of the bottom of the car seat. YUCK! She then had another one today and I didn’t realize it was poop until I changed her. I thought it was just a little wet from wearing a small diaper. ewww

  36. We were a Huggies family. They always kept ours driest it seemed.

  37. My daughter is in her first trimester! So much to learn.

  38. What an adorable little tester she is. Huggies were always the diapers of choice in our home too.

  39. I don’t have any little one’s in diapers anymore. But, I do remember the difference Huggies made. We used their pullups for potty training too.

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