JumpSport iBounce Kids Trampoline
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JumpSport iBounce Kids Trampoline

ibounce trampoline for kids

3 weeks and Baybah is still bouncing.  We got the iBounce by JumpSport just before Thanksgiving, and Baybah has been bouncing ever since.  This kids trampoline comes with a super cute video that is as fun as it is educational.  Kids bounce along with DVD’s of a cute kangaroo as he tells them things to do like roar like a dinosaur, jump side to side, and count.  The iBounce also comes with a tablet mount that fits, iPads, Kindles, and most other tablets so the animated adventures Let The Games Begin and The Grand Finale can be done almost anywhere.  Simply load the video(s) onto your computer and then transfer the file(s) to your tablet or watch them on your DVD player.

indoor trampoline

It was really easy for my husband to put together.  Reading the directions to finish took him about 20 minutes.  Baybah could not wait to get bouncing once he saw it was complete and really put the mini-trampoline to the test.  I am glad that it features built-in handles for stability and safety because when Baybah bounces, he bounces.

ibounce trampoline

I love the fact that he is getting so much exercise and does not really even need to have the video on to enjoy the toy.  My son has an unlimited amount of energy and bounces on it pretty much all evening, every evening.  The iBounce has proven to have real staying power.  It is like not like one of those toys that are played with for a little while and then put in the corner never to be touched again.  It is used DAILY! As you can see from the video below, he absolutely loves it.

If you are looking for that last minute gift idea, the JumpSport iBounce is a MUST for preschoolers!!  Amazon can have it to you before Christmas!  The greatest gifts are the ones that you did not even know you wanted.


The JumpSport iBounce Kids Trampoline, Tablet Mount and DVD can be ordered from JumpSport.com and Amazon.com.

Disclosure: We received the item above for the purpose of review.  No other compensation was provided to me.  Thoughts and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.


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  1. What a great idea to keep kids active and moving instead of just sitting and watching TV, computer etc! Your son really does look like he enjoys that trampoline! And I agree–that handle is a must have!!

  2. So cute! Love it!

  3. Super cute video. I see trampoline envy here if we only got one. Love this! Thanks.

  4. With my daughter’s sensory needs, an indoor trampoline like this would be awesome. We have one outside but it is about to get too cold for that. This is awesome!

  5. How awesome is that?! I love that the kids can get exercise without going outside – like when it’s cold or raining! :)

  6. Trampolines have been used for a while now to help combat ADHD and are a great way to expend extra energy. I used to have my first sit on an exercise ball while he watched tv. He bounced and watched and it worked out the wiggles!

  7. Oh this looks so much fun for the kiddos. Such a great way to run off some of that energy!

  8. What a great way to help kids burn off energy! I love how the DVD is interactive.

  9. JDaniel so wants one of these! It would be wonderful to have in the cold winter months.

  10. We have this trampoline as well, and my kids love it! What a great Christmas idea!

  11. This is so fun, we have a mini trampoline in our basement I like to bounce on it too.

  12. Oh my goodness. How fun is this! My kids would LOVE it!!!

  13. I can see how this item would be great for exercise during our long winter months. I think that my kids are a little big now, but I bet that they would have loved it.

  14. wow, that is some jump! LOL

  15. That jumpsport is just awesome! My daughter would totally love that! Her physical therapist would too. It would help her develop her leg muscles. They try to get her to jump on the trampoline in therapy. This would make it into a game at home and she’d get extra workouts. I love it.

  16. Um, the pictures say it all!!! He looks like he is having a blast! I love that he’s used it every day for 3 weeks too. As a parent I look for toys that my child isn’t simply going to play with for a few days and then lose all interest in.

  17. I wish I had a little one to buy this for. Your video really gives us a glimpse into how much your son enjoys it. I was laughing along with him and you!

  18. He is just too cute! I really want one of these, but we just don’t have the space right now.

  19. Now THAT is super cool! I pinned it to my Hot Holiday Gifts because it is awesome! Wish my kids were smaller!

  20. Cool! Thanks for the great review/recommendation.

  21. My kids would love this! I’ve seen these types of trampolines before but never with the interaction through a dvd. What a great idea! I’ll have to add it to their list for any last minute gift ideas.

  22. That looks super fun!

  23. Oh how fun (and healthy!) I love the mid-air shot you got.

  24. These pics are amazing!!! It looks like he’s having so much fun!

  25. wow, this is so cool. I love how much air he got in the 2nd picture.

  26. What a fun toy! My kids would love this.

  27. That looks like serious fun! Now I want one!

  28. Ooh, that looks so fun!

  29. That looks so cool! Love it

  30. trampolines are great for proprioceptive awareness.

  31. That looks like SO MUCH fun! I love that they can play and exercise INSIDE!

  32. Reminds me of my house.. we have a trampoline in front of the tv and mm daughter bounces around on it watching yo gabba gabba

  33. How cool. It definitely looks like he is having a great time!

  34. My daughter LOVES this!

  35. My daughter Aubrey is four and she would LOVE this!

  36. Goo want s one of these. I must get her one.

  37. What a great toy!! We got Squishy a big trampoline for Christmas, but this looks like something he’d love too!!

  38. I need to get my kids a trampoline so they can wear themselves out. :)

  39. We just got a flat screen TV. This might just be a great addition to keep active during the cold winter months.

  40. That is so cute, and a great idea for exercise.

  41. How fun is that??!! I wanna try!

  42. Oooh How fun!!

  43. Karen Medlin says:

    our little guy loves his.. Easter Seals helped us get one for our youngest guy to help with his coordination. I agree it is the perfect gift for any preschooler!

  44. My son would LOVE to have one of these.

  45. I can see my 4y r old going crazy on this. Lol that’s great

  46. That looks like a ton of fun!


  47. I LOVE interactive games that gets kids moving. He really got some height in that second picture.

  48. Jonah would love this.

  49. What a fantastic way to get some energy out while having some indoor fun.

  50. My son is too big for this now, but he would have loved it! To this day when he plays video games, no matter what kind of game, he never sits still while he plays it. Most of the time he is standing and jumping around… cracks us up. :) Looks like your little guy loves it!

  51. Looks like he is having a blast. My daughter would love something like this :)

  52. My kids would love that.

  53. Thanks for the review. I remember seeing this on sale. It does look like Baybah had tons of fun on it and look at him jump! I will consider this next time it is on sale. It would be great for rainy days. ;)

  54. Taryn Pasco says:

    I am really considering looking into this for my 2 year old. I was just concerned she may be to young. I just think it looks like so much fun and a great energy burner :) Lol

  55. JJ Caraway says:

    I truly enjoyed watching your video of Baybah bouncing on the JumpSport Trampoline. He looked like he was really having a great time. I was thinking about getting one for my grandchildren for Christmas last year but didn’t, now I wish I would have. Will look into it more now after reading your review, thank you.

  56. Brianne says:

    So excited!! I remember reading this review sometime ago and my Baybah is finally old enough to enjoy one!! We just ordered one today. Can’t wait to see the look on her face when it arrives!!!

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