The Kia Sorento | Family Dream Car
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The Kia Sorento | Family Dream Car #DriveKia

Kia Sorento Family Car

Dear Hubs,
You may remember, just recently, when we had the good fortune to test drive the Kia Sorento and it not only met our rapidly growing expectations for all things Kia, it exceeded them.  Well let me make myself abundantly clear if I hadn’t done so before.  This car embodies everything we are looking for in a vehicle at this stage in our life.

You’ve driven your pick up for the last ten years.  I know you’re very attached to it despite the difficulties it presents when carting Baybah from place to place, but the Kia Sorento offers the perfect solution.  It has all the carrying capacity of the truck with the back seat and optional third row that we so desperately need.  When our parents come to visit us this summer you know we will need that extra room inside the vehicle.  On top of all that it gets great gas mileage, 32 miles per gallon on the highway and 24 miles per gallon in the city.  That could save you a little dinaro on the way to and from work.

Kia Sorento

Kia Trunk

Don’t even get me started on the Kia Sorento’s infotainment system it is like having a PC in your center console.  Everything imaginable is in there.  Hands free access to your cell phone, SiriusXM radio, plus the on board computer is monitoring every aspect of the cars performance and functionality.  Never again will we have to wonder whether the tires are low.  Remember when we would go on family trips and you would make meticulous calculations on how far we went and how much gas we would use?  This car will do that for you at the touch of a button.  But the feature that is most important is the back up warning system.  Never again will we need to be concerned with not seeing what is directly behind us when backing up because the camera is mounted right in the blind spot.  The entire image shows up crystal clear on your center consol.  There are even those handy calibrating lines that help you determine where your bumper is.  This would be very handy for me when I am trying to squeeze into one of those tight spots in the city.  This could also save you some of the embarrassment associated with having to get out of the passenger seat and parallel parking the car for your wife in the city.  You can literally control your entire life from here, or more like, I can.  MOOHOOOhahahaha.   Sorry for the evil laughter I lost myself for a second.  Back to the topic at hand, buy me, I mean us the Kia Sorento!!

Love, Your Loving Wife Lolo

Kia Sorento Family Car


Disclosure: We were able to drive the Kia Sorento for a week for the purpose of review.  Thoughts and opinions are my own.

Lauren is the owner and writer for Crazy About My Baybah. She is a mom that is crazy about her family, art, photography, getting fit, Disney, and living in Las Vegas.

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  1. What a great car! We’re definitely thinking about upgrading to something like this–we need more room!

  2. Looks beautiful my mother has a Sorento. I’m kinda a Ford girl myself.

  3. LOVE the 3rd row seat option!

  4. I have never actually considered a Kia but after reading this post it looks like a great family car. Great review and photos by the way – I’m in the market for a car in the next year or so and I definitely want to check these out!

  5. 3 ROW SEATS!!!! I had no idea WOW

  6. LOL, Sounds like you really like the Kia Sorento!

  7. Nicole - Mama to 4 Blessings says:

    very nice! looks spacious! we love our Kia!

  8. I have a 2004 Sorento and I love it!

  9. Yep! I could see you driving that car long term for sure! So many great features!

  10. With 3 rapidly growing boys, we are looking for something a little more spacious and this looks like an option to consider. I hope your husband takes the hint ;)

  11. I have been eyeing these cars for a bit now. Next time we buy I am seriously considering getting one of these.

  12. We are actually looking for a new car. This car looks great and reliable!

  13. This looks like it would a lot of fun to drive.

  14. What a beautiful car :)

  15. The Kia Sorento looks awesome! I love that it easily converts into the 3rd row of seats!

  16. We have a Kia Sedona and love it! It has lasted so long. Our next vehicle will be a Kia as well. THanks for the review!

  17. How great for you! I had a chance to drive one of these babies and it really was a pleasure. I was impressed with the onboard computer and its ability to work with your phone via bluetooth. Hope you’re enjoying it as much as I did!

  18. I’ve always loved Kia’s, unfortunately without ever owning one. With 3 kids, though, that is my dream car right there.

  19. LOVE it! Great review – we drove this last month to Disney and loved it!

  20. I need a back up system for my car.

  21. It’s a great looking car! We need an SUV for our growing family too.

  22. Kia is definitely making a name for themselves. Glad you liked it and hope your hubs gets it for you! ;)

  23. I hope it works and that you get him to buy the car! :) It’s such a great vehicle. Just loved it!

  24. I love the extra room that the third row seating gives you! We’d have quite the luxurious ride on family road trips!

  25. I absolutely love my Kia. I have a Sedona! This car looks great!

  26. I want Hubs to buy me one too when the new baby comes!

  27. I have never thought about a KIA myself but looking at this review we might have to re think about this! :) Thank you for such a good review! Very informative

  28. I’ve not considered a Kia before, my family really needs a vehicle like this one.

  29. Oh, that looks fun! Looks like an awesome family car!
    Whirlwind of Surprises

  30. I am going to have to check out the Kia when we start looking at new cars again. It might not be for a couple years but it is good t know they are moving inthe right direction. I love the options they have as well.

  31. Very nice car!

  32. Cute car, I love it!

  33. Jennifer Clay says:

    I agree…this is a family dream car!!

  34. We looked at this last year. Thye are very cute!

  35. OH, It’s just BEAUTIFUL!!!! My hubs and I are looking at a new car (in the next year or so), and I think we’ll look at this one!

  36. Cool and sleek!

  37. Kelley Johnsen says:

    That is cool that you got to drive it for a week. It looks like a smart buy!

  38. Great review I”d love to have one.

  39. LOL – Hope you get your car! My husband did online research for a good 3 or 4 months before we bought our new car…It’s a Sorento. We LOVE IT!

  40. I’m in love with that Kia! It would make a great replacement for our well used SUV.

  41. Cute review and great photos! This looks like a great car!

  42. I recently test drove this vehicle as well and loved it… note to husband: You won’t regret buying this for your wife!

  43. My husband wanted to get the Kia when we were in the market for a new car. Looks like a roomy car.

  44. That looks fantastic! I love how much room you get and the 3rd row seat!

  45. OooooOOoOOooo……I want! :)

  46. I cannot say enough about this car! We absolutely love everything about it too.

  47. Love it! Looks like a great car and I love the way you geared this post to your hubby! lol

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  49. We test drove the Sorento and loved it!

  50. That’a a sweet ride!

  51. This looks like a next car possibility for us… It looks like it has a lot of bells and whistles, plus a great safety rating!

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