Sir Baybah | Knight Costume | Wordless Wednesday
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Sir Baybah | Wordless Wednesday

Sir Baybah

I was working on my knight costume review and this is one of the pictures that I shot.  The expression on his face was just too priceless not to share!  We are ready for Halloween, are you?!!

If you want to check it out, my costume review can be found here!

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  1. LOVE his face!!!!!!!!! lol

  2. Thats hilarious…he doesn’t look too thrilled!

  3. What a face! I love the costume!

  4. What a great costume!! I do love his expression!

  5. Love that bubble phrase!

  6. That is an awesome costume and he looks great.

    Happy WW!

  7. Wow that is an awesome costume!

  8. Oh my gosh! How adorable! That costume is really nice and his face is so funny!

  9. LOL, love the caption. That is one amazing costume, he looks great!

  10. That is hilarious, and such a cute costume for a little man.

  11. He is so cute!! Great expression :)

  12. That is most definitely one of the best costumes I’ve seen yet in a long time!

  13. Love him!!! His expression is perfect for fighting that dragon! Great costume!

  14. he is saying “enough mom pictures mom!” I just want to play

  15. Oh I love this photo!!!! That’s an awesome costume!!!

  16. LOVE this costume!

  17. Not yet, still don’t know what to get little man, but that is one cute costume!

  18. Oh my goodness too cute!

  19. He’s too cute, and that costume is awesome!

  20. What a great knight costume, and his expression is priceless.

  21. that’s way too cute!

  22. You found your true knight in shining armor :)

  23. He is adorable, he has a look of determination.

  24. What a great shot!

  25. He’s adorable! I love his face:)) just subscribed. Hope to see you on my blog and facebook page sometimes:) Have a great weekend!

  26. That is so perfect!! Very cute!

  27. LOL he is too cute. His expression is great!

  28. He’s SOOOO cute! Love the costume!

  29. He looks so adorable.

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