LifeLock Tips for Safe Holiday Travel
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Tips for Safe Holiday Travel #LifeLock

Tips for safe Holiday Travel

Many of us will be packing our bags and traveling to see family and friends over the next couple of weeks.  At a time filled with such happiness and joy but it is important to also remember to take some simple steps to keep your family safe .    LifeLock has shared with us some great tips to make sure your family travels safely this holiday season.

Tips for Safe Holiday Travel

  • Have a neighbor park in your driveway so it’s not easy to spot when you are on vacation.
  • Use 911 for emergencies.  It is accessible on all telephones.  Use 511 for transportation and traffic information.
  • Put your office address on your luggage tags to keep you home more secure.
  • Put luggage tags both on the outside and inside of all baggage; external tags can get torn off during baggage handling.
  • Have your mail stopped or have a neighbor pick it up for you so it’s not evident you’re away.
  • Make two copies of your passport and credit/ATM cards.  Leave a copy with a friend or family member, and bring the other with you on your trip.  Keep it in a separate location than the originals in case of theft.
  • Use caution and monitor your online banking statements when traveling.
  • Almost 12,00 laptops are lost or stolen in US airports each week.  Make yours less of a target by skipping the typical laptop bag and instead carry your laptop in a padded briefcase, suitcase or backpack.
  • Install a security/anti-theft program in your laptop that allows you to track/recover your laptop if lost or stolen.
  • Travel cautiously by keeping your purse or wallet securely on the front of your body.

Holidays and safety go hand in hand.  LifeLock helps protect you from identity theft before the damage is done.  They work every minute of every day to ensure your personal information is secure. LifeLock’s service offers proactive identity protection that alerts you of potential threats. From early detection to remediation, LifeLock has the tools you need for peace of mind. Enroll now! Just call 1-800-LifeLock or visit

Lifelock services

LifeLock makes the perfect holiday gift!

How do you stay safe while traveling during the holiday season?

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 Disclosure: I am sharing this information as a LifeLock Ambassador.  Opinions are my own.
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