Last Minute Super Easy Valentine Banner!
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Last Minute Super Easy Valentine Banner!

After needing a background for some valentine’s day pictures I decided to head to my craft supplies for something fast and cheap! I made this heart shaped banner with just 5 materials and in no time at all.    Here are the directions for my last minute super easy valentine banner!

Easy Valentine Banner

Quick and Easy Valentine Banner


Textured Card stock (1-2 sheets)
Hole punch
Heart template


I suggest using textured card stock to add a bit of interest to the traditional deep red hearts. But any colors will liven up your space. Using your template trace and cut twelve hearts. I used a cookie cutter as my template. Next punch each heart twice. Cut ribbon into 1.5-2in. pieces and thread two hearts together at a time until all hearts are strung. Leave two long pieces of ribbon hang from the two outside hearts to hang.

Quick and Easy Valentine Banner


Recent to the blogging world, I'm a new mom finding my way with my little darling Sweet Pea. I enjoy cooking, baking, the great outdoors and everything Baby Girl! Elementary school teacher turned stay at home mom = children's lit lover and craft connoisseur.
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  1. That is so cute. I love the bigger ribbon really adds a lot of personality to the banner!

  2. It’s really pretty :) I love the simplicity yet it’s just so adorable!

  3. That is so pretty!

  4. It is very cute! My children love doing things like this, we just don’t do it enough.

  5. I would love to hang something like that in the window . How cute is that

  6. That’s cute. Looks like an easy way to help make the home more festive for Valentine’s Day.

  7. The texture card stock really makes it!

  8. The choice of textured card stock really helps dress this up. So cute.

  9. What a fun project to do with the kids, really cute!

  10. I love crafts that are adorable but also so easy to do!

  11. Adorable! I love it!

  12. I love your Last Minute Super Easy Valentine Banner! Looks like a really fun project for the kids and us too. :-)

  13. So cute! I love how pretty it turned out without being too difficult to make. We might make it too. Thanks!

  14. What an easy way to add some fun decor for Valentine’s Day, even I can do that and I’m not crafty at all!

  15. Love this! I bet this would be cute for a girl’s room, too!

  16. That’s a very cute banner! Thanks for sharing!

  17. How cute is this… Great DIY!

  18. The banner is so sweet! I love it!

  19. How cute! I’m trying to get more into decorating for holidays, and this would make a great decoration for my son’s bedroom door, so he gets a little treat when he wakes up.

  20. That is adorable! I made one similar out of eggs for Easter last year.

  21. Super cute! I love the look of the textured card stock!

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