Must Have Travel Apps for Summer
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Must Have Travel Apps for Summer

When it comes to traveling, anything you can do to smooth the process is a welcome addition. Through the wonders of technology, we have apps out there now that can actually make our trip planning more efficient. Here are some that are must-haves for the summer trip.

Must Have Travel Apps

Must Have Travel Apps for Summer

Must Have Travel Apps

Packing Pro– $2.99

How I ever survived a trip without this app I will never know. Packing is a nightmare around my home and forgetting something important is a virtual certainty.  If you are like me, then get this app and set yourself free. Packing Pro allows you to not only share lists, but it also has a huge database of things you might need so you don’t forget.

Must Have Travel Apps

Gogobot– Free

This free app is a great place to look for cool places to go whether you’re planning a vacation or simply exploring your hometown. Search your destination and you will be able to get a personalized travel guide, highlighting the best hotels, restaurants and cities in that area. Book them right there and you are ready to go before you even get there. You can also create digital postcards to send your friends with fun filters to make them look even more beautiful!

Must Have Travel Apps

Minube – Free

Another free app, Minube is a great app for those that are not quite sure what they are looking for. If you want to go somewhere but are not sure where, simply get on this app and watch the magic inspiration happen. This app will allow you to talk about your trip afterward and help out other travelers as well.

Must Have Travel Apps

Tripit– Free

Without a doubt, Tripit is the number one app you must have. This great app allows you to do everything travel related and to keep it in one place. It can keep track of reservation information, maps, itenararies and multi-group planning. If you are planning on traveling and want to stay organized, then Tripit is a great app to try out.


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  1. We;ll be traveling tomorrow. I’ll have to check these out!

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  9. Travel apps are such a great idea to get the most out of summer travels!

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  17. The packing pro app would definitely be worth the cost for me! I’m a list maker at heart :)

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  19. I could totally use the packing pro app. I feel like I almost always forget something when we travel.

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  28. That Minube app sounds like something my husband and I could benefit from.

  29. Love Simply Declare for traveling abroad. Keeps me on budget and stress free by tracking all the stuff I buy and have to declare at the border, fabulous!

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