5 Must Try Back to School Traditions
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5 Must Try Back to School Traditions

Enjoying family traditions together are a great way to bond as a family and create memories that will last forever. Back to school time is a wonderful time to enjoy traditions together, traditions that you can enjoy year after year until your child heads off for college. If you love the idea of back to school traditions but just are not sure where to begin, take a look below. You will find some helpful suggestions and ideas on some back to school traditions you can give a try and make your very own. Take a peek!

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5 Must Try Back to School Traditions:

1. A Back Pack Party

A few days before school begins, have a backpack party. This is when children can start packing their supplies into their backpacks, labeling their supplies, and make sure they have everything they need. Make this fun by playing festive music, having snacks, and getting pictures of everyone with their newly stuffed back packs of course!

2. Back to School Goal Posters

Gather as a family and give everyone a poster board and colorful markers. Allow each person to write about their back to school goals on their poster board as well as draw any illustrations they wish. Take turns sharing these goals and then display these colorful posters for motivation all year long. This way, you can continue to support each other.

3. School Supply Donation Drive

While getting your own supplies ready, why not host a supply donation drive as a family as well? As friends and family to donate supplies, or even allow children to use allowance money to purchase some. Gather supplies and donate them as a family to a local agency who will distribute them for you.

4. Back to School Feast

During the first week of school, have a family feast where each family member can make any fun dish they want for a wild and wacky potluck. Enjoy cooking and eating this feast as a family. It can be a great time to also talk about the new school year!

5. Crazy Car Décor

Find car markers at your local dollar store and decorate the car for the first day back to school. You can write things with the removable paint on the windows such as “Back to school or BUST” and other fun messages and doodles. Kids will love doing this and it will make that back to school ride a fun one for sure.

Back to school time can be stressful, scary, and nerve wrecking. Give these fun back to school traditions a try and make back to school time a little more fun and care free! Good luck!

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