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Diaper Bag Essentials

I would like to thank Huggies for sponsoring today’s discussion. All opinions are my own.

It is hard to believe that just 5 months ago I was putting together Miss B’s diaper bag for the first time.   I thought I would share with you my Diaper Bag Essentials!

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Diaper Bag Essentials:

  1. A new favorite in my diaper bag is the Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean* Wipes!  This stylish baby wipes clutch comes with a strap making it easy to take out of your bag and hang anywhere. It is perfect for stylishly tackling messes while out and about. and when your run out of wipes, you can easily refill it to use the cute clutch again and again!
  2. Nursing pads and Natural Nipple Balm are a must have, especially for those first couple of months.
  3. Don’t forget about you! I like to throw in a snack and a bottle of water for me, too.  As a new mom it is important to stay hydrated and keep your energy up.
  4. Diapers and diaper cream and sunblock.
  5. Infinity Nursing Scarf.  I love that an infinity nursing scarf is functional and cute!  I can wear it when I am done nursing or put it back in my diaper bag.
  6. There is nothing better than being close to your baby. A baby wrap or carrier is a must!
  7. Baby toys.  Right now Sophie and the Minky Binky are Miss B’s favorites.
  8. A wet bag filled with a change of clothes for the baby.  When I change her clothes I put the dirty clothes in the wet bag and take them straight to the washing machine when we get home.
  9. aden + anais swaddles.  I use them as blankets, changing pad covers, car seat cover, and more.
  10. Portable changing pad.

What are your Diaper Bag Essentials?


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  1. I’m not a mommy yet, but my Sister has three beautiful boys all under the age of 3! I will definitely have to share this post with her. I love Luna bars. Probably my favorite bar out right now. Is it bad that I’m already making my baby must-have essentials list based off of yours? Never to soon to start planning, right?! Thank you for sharing! :)

  2. It has been a long while since my diaper bag days, but I always had extra pacifiers. And, plenty extra diapers and burp cloths.

  3. That infinity nursing scarf is gorgeous! I could definitely use that:) we use cloth diapers and wipes – so I always make sure I have extras at all times:)

  4. My boys are older and I STILL carry wipes with me. They are great for cleanups!

  5. Awesome!! I love these new Huggies Wipes wristlets. Those Luna Bars too – YEP!! I have to keep on the go snack bars with me cause I never know when I might have to skip breakfast or lunch!

  6. I bought all three packs! I loved all the designs!

  7. These huggies wipes clutch looks cute. great bag list.

  8. You have basically unpacked my diaper bag! Only other thing we have to have is pacifiers!

  9. Looks like some of the essentials

  10. W my 3rd child I boycotted the diaper bag and just used my purse.. BUT I love the wipe clutch that you are showing because right now I have my wipes in a ziplock bag.. UGLY!

  11. We have those wipes and I love them. Great list of essentials. I also cary my son’s eczema cream around, especially when it’s hot out, his sweat makes his eczema worse.

  12. I have heard so much about “Sophie”. I guess that must be everyone little one’s favorite.

    Those Huggie’s wipes are so adorable too. I love the clutch. That is really a great idea. New moms need to style too!

  13. I had a bunch of those things in my diaper bag when my daughter was an infant. She loved that Sophie giraffe! Those wipes are really cute.

  14. Good picks! I am so glad we are almost out of the diaper bag stage:)

  15. I had to chuckle last night when my nephew walked into a family wedding carrying his son, a diaper, and one of these Huggies clutches. It was so cute.

  16. I loved my Luna bars! I still eat them, but I did use them a lot when I had a newborn. Perfect flavor and kept me going all day long!

  17. Ashley M says:

    Oh my gosh, love the wipe clutch! It just needs some straps on the back to slip a diaper or two into.

  18. It is important to keep the diaper bag fully stocked and ready to go. At the same time, it is nice to have essentials that look good and can be enjoyed separate from baby.

  19. Granted, I haven’t had to pack a diaper bag in a long time, but I love your list! It’s funny, some of the things on your diaper list bag are also on my travel bag! LOL!

  20. I love your list- mine is very similar! Except add in some toddler items for double trouble!

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